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Ep04 Nintendo at E3!

June 24, 2021 MXPB Episode 4
Morning XP Boost
Ep04 Nintendo at E3!
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This week on MXPB, we have part 2 of our E3 analysis, featuring Nintendo, including Nintendo's SURPRISE hardware reveal!  Plus, we’re getting the band back together for a little time travel. 

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Tox  0:00  
I'm gonna do the thing. This week on MXPB we have part two of our E three analysis featuring Nintendo. Plus, we're getting the band back together for a little time travel. Don't quake or shake MXPB starts now.

Hello and welcome to the Morning XP boost. We're your hosts tox and glitch, and we are here to give you the experience points you need to get through your week. glitch my friend. How are you doing today?

Glitch  0:45  
I am fantastic. How you doing over there?

Tox  0:49  
I'm doing good to thank you very much. I got some Pokemon cards yesterday. I'm super excited to open them. Life's good. Life's good.

Glitch  0:58  
Fantastic. Are you gonna do a little stream action when you open them up?

Tox  1:01  
Yeah, maybe maybe I'm a bit rusty a bit dusty on the streaming side. But that would be great content, I'm sure. Definitely. So we're gonna talk about a Nintendo e three, all the good stuff that happened from part two of our E three coverage. And we're also going to do a little bit of history today and we're going to start with that history. So glitch once you get us going.

Glitch  1:26  
Alright, so 25 years ago 1996 was the year quake came out it was the successor to doom. It was actually the first 3d mapped world that you can allow you could duke it out in and kill each other. It inspired games like Call of Duty battlefield and Overwatch quake changed the way gaming is gamed if I can say that it had a successful online play integration online play existed to some degree before quake but not at the level that quake brought it to it had fast online matchmaking so if you've ever played a game with online matchmaking think quake like know if you can read this thank the Phoenicians if you play online with friends thank quake. That's I guess that's that should be a saying.

Tox  2:25  
Yeah, definitely. And, you know, online play. I think that's a huge deal for 1996. It's hard to you know, some of us weren't around then some of us who were, but we little lads and lead ads. But, you know, online plays a big deal. And that's sort of the burgeoning era of the internet. And being a trailblazer in that space is really important. So that makes quake I think, a really significant title. And, you know, Doom who hasn't heard of doom, we still got Doom games, Doom games today. I don't really have quake games anymore. But that style of play to those early Doom early quake games on the PC, were they ever really something wealth in Stein, I remember playing those games specifically. For a long time as a kid, they were probably only demos. And I'm probably only played the first two levels over and over. But it definitely left a mark. They were something special.

Glitch  3:20  
Definitely, I played I think every Wolfenstein game up until the the most recent iterations. So yeah, they're they were fantastic games. And then quake just took what, what Doom had done and what Wolfenstein had done. And they were like, let's just let's just do it better. And, you know, unfortunately, like you said, quake isn't really around anymore, I think Unreal Tournament. Those those people over at epic. I think they those people over at epic, with their Unreal Engine kind of squashed, kind of squashed quake from existence. But that's okay. They continued with doom and created some great games there. And they're continuing with wolfen Stein. I think they got to reinvent themselves in that front. But they're working on it. They're getting there. What else do we have?

Tox  4:13  
Well, so for me, you know, I'm a Nintendo guy. And on June 22 2008, for the we we had rock band, and this was my first experience with rock band. Prior to this, I had been playing guitar hero, as had virtually everybody else that I knew at that time, playing that almost incessantly in the dorms at parties just every chance you get because who doesn't want to shred on a guitar and sound awesome and, you know, compete with your friends while doing it. So that was a really fun era with Guitar Hero and Rock Band and rock band. Just leveled it up. It's like Guitar Hero but with drums. So now in addition to annoying your roommates with really fast plastic clickety clack noises, you can annoy them with really loud thump, thump noises. It was great.

Glitch  5:11  
If there's a game that we could go back and just bring back, you know, it would be rock band. I don't know necessarily what happened with rock band. I don't know what happened with Guitar Hero. I know they're not around today, they just kind of fizzled out of existence. But I don't think they ever lacked in popularity.

Tox  5:28  
I mean, you had the songs, right? Music is sort of universal and especially classic rock songs. They are, they get you feel in a certain way. If there's fun to listen to like foreigner or you know, any songs like that anything guitar heavy, like the electric guitar is the most popular interest instrument for a reason. But I will say, you know, he said they're not around anymore, I think they have evolved a little bit into I don't know exactly what the titles are, but sort of more realistic, where you can plug in an actual electric guitar, and play actual, you know, fret actual notes and strum actual strings, and have that sort of get converted into digital signal and portrayed in the game as a method of sort of learning instruments in addition to competing, I have played some of those versions. And I play guitar, I wouldn't say I'm like a guitar hero master. But I play in a band, we do stuff, I'm musically inclined, I could not play those games. It's the hardest part. It takes the hardest part of music, sight reading, which, especially for guitar is something that not all guitarists learn, you know, if you play piano, you're going to learn to sight read 99% of the people, that's a really important skill. If you sing, singers are kind of wishy washy, maybe you learn to sight read, maybe you just have a good year. If you play guitar, you more than likely started playing the electric guitar because you idolize someone else that played the electric guitar, and maybe, you know, music theory, maybe you just like the strum power chords. So I feel like the direction they took it was, was not the direction that, you know, people wanted to go with, but those games, original games, classics, they're awesome.

Glitch  7:17  
They really are, I'd be interested to see, you know, do they do they show you the strum and chord progressions and well, the chord progression would be there, but do they show you the strum patterns and everything to where?

Tox  7:30  
individually? pretty difficult? Yeah, it is very difficult because the what I played was notes, and there was a drum and there was a sorry, guitar and a bass and there's still drums, I mean, the drum portion of it is actually pretty, like the coordination, the movements that you make, is pretty close to a drum kit. You know, drum kits come in all shapes and sizes. So being able to have that coordination with your hands and feet. That that's drums, by the guitar, you know, fretting is. It's very, it's a very difficult skill, and it's hard to do on the fly. It is hard to do when everything else is going on in the screen and they try to, you know, there's notation for guitars that people can read. But they'll you sometimes use that they'll sometimes try to use that scrolling icon that tells you where to play. And that for me is just super disorienting.

Glitch  8:18  
I can't I can't do it. Well, I think they should still bring back rock band because there was nothing like those two plastic guitars, the microphone and having that guy in the back or gal in the back beating on the drums. It was a blast.

Tox  8:31  
It was so much fun.

Glitch  8:32  
It was so what do we have next?

Tox  8:36  
Yeah, that was rock band on the we the we one of my favorite systems, the we obviously from Nintendo. And we've got our feature presentation, Nintendo at EA three. So, Nintendo's presence at EA three this year was highly anticipated. You may have heard it on your favorite podcast. I'm SPB how we discussed all the things we're looking forward to. And I would say that it was a bit of surprise what we got from Nintendo given all the hype, and I'll just address the 800 pound gorilla in the room. We did not get the switch pro or whatever the next switches are Nintendo system. Well, it's uh, yeah, I know. You're, you must be heartbroken. I'm sure. Lots of people were expecting this. But you know, that doesn't really mean anything. leakers expects stuff all the time and they're wrong most of the time. But it is about time right switch has been out for a long, long time. It's getting a little bit long in the tooth as compared to PS five and the new Xbox. But, you know, one interesting thing I saw that came out of a three on a on the Nintendo Power podcast, they interviewed the Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser. Yes, Doug browser, but no, not that browser. He's the president of Nintendo former And, you know, they obviously rehearse what they're going to say. One interesting thing he said was that Nintendo Switch with this E three presents, they're redefining the lifecycle of consoles. And you saw that sort of mentality of keeping the Nintendo Switch, really alive and well and kicking with just a ton of new software ports from other platforms, first party titles, so many things in the works. You know, they're definitely planning on making Nintendo's switch. Either it's going out with a bang any day now. Or it's going to stick around for a little bit. We did also get some new hardware. It wasn't all software. We, we got the Game and Watch Legend of Zelda sort of commemorating the 35th anniversary of Legend of Zelda and those Silva celebrations that are ongoing. It includes the original Zelda game on the from the NAS, the sequel to that Zelda two, which is a little bit different in game, and the, you know, much loved Link's Awakening, which has been made and remade over and over again, as well as the classic gaming watch style game vermin now starring link.

Glitch  11:19  
So, you know, I think that you have a group of people that that will go out, they'll, they'll get the Game and Watch I've seen at my local target, a handful or a couple stacks of the game and watch that feature in Super Mario. Yeah. I've seen them on sale, I've actually been tempted several times to pick them up. Because you know, their pocket size, you can pop them in your pocket. If you've got a couple extra minutes, you know, you could, you could, you could knock out a couple levels. I think that it even saves your progress where you're at, unlike back in the day, I don't know if you remember when you played Nintendo, if if you hadn't finished your level, when you turn your system off, there was no coming back to it, you had to turn off the TV and then come back and hope that your system hadn't frozen. So that is a nice addition.

Tox  12:13  
I have definitely done that left the TV off the system on overnight hoping my parents didn't shut up the Nintendo so I could resume. Life is life is much better now. With regards to save states. Yeah, you know, the Game and Watch. It's a it's a piece of Nintendo history. It was a transition from when Nintendo was making arcade cabinets. transition from that into the as their home console and of course, the Gameboy. So it's an important piece of Nintendo legacy. I feel like it doesn't get, you know, it's incredible what they're able to pack into it now. And it's fun to see that comparison between now and you know, 35 years ago when they were making these things. And it's a piece of nostalgia. It's a collector's item, like you said, but in and of itself. You know, it doesn't really excite it's, it's more for those collectors and an old folks like us. So we did get a lot of a lot of software coming in for Nintendo Switch. And actually, I was extremely pleased to see just all the things I go into look forward to playing on my Nintendo Switch. And of course, yeah, yeah, real quick. I'm

Glitch  13:28  
gonna hit you with something here that we don't even have in the show notes. How do you feel? Yeah, I'm coming out of left field here. I think that's what, what people who enjoy sports say? How do you feel about a particular title that we talked about in an episode not so long ago, Tony Hawk Pro Skater one and two coming to the Nintendo Switch. I saw a peak of that at the during their e three if

Tox  13:55  
you read my mind, or you read the show notes. I love Tony Hawk's Pro Skater one and two, and they rereleased it on ps3 or ps4 slash five and I think Xbox last year. And I saw that NPC and I was like, Oh, I really want to play it. But like, I don't really at the time, I didn't have those platforms. I didn't want to play it on a PC, I want to use my controller and I was like, I don't need it. And now the port comes to the Nintendo Switch. And I think it's just amazing like these ports. You know, let's just get it out of the way. I think that games show up. We were talking about this last time as exclusive for certain platforms, either the first party titles, or the technology is such that they only run on that next gen console that ps4 HD or the PS five and I thought that's where we're we're with things like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater wanted to Dragon Ball Z kakarot. That's another game that I actually bought for the PC because I was so excited for it and went on sale. I haven't played it yet, but I'm looking forward to playing it. But now it comes to Nintendo Switch. And the Nintendo Switch is the perfect platform for RPGs. Because you can play it whenever you can get in 10 minutes before you go to bed, you can do it on your lunch break, you can play it on your TV, when you actually have dedicated time to play it. That's what you need for a game like an RPG that just takes some grinding and some time because we've all got lives to live, we got things to do, he can't just sit in front of the TV all day. So I'm really excited to see all these ports. And I think it speaks volumes as to where we are with developers, right? I mean, glitch. Your fortnight guy, am I right?

Glitch  15:39  
That's right.

Tox  15:41  
Yeah, yeah, I think you've played fortnight once or twice, and four times, just a handful. And you could play fortnight on the PC that most tricked out PC, you know, 120, Hertz, 4k 5k, etc, etc. You can play it on the Nintendo Switch 720 feet, you can play it on your phone. Granted, phones are super powerful right now. But you can play it on your phone. And I think that that mentality is is not exclusive to the Unreal Engine anymore. I think that is something that all these game engines all these developers are going to be targeting. Because why not be available on all these platforms? Why not be able to have a phone game that is similar to your console game, why not have a next gen title and still show up on the switch? So I'm looking forward to more that

Glitch  16:34  
I am to there's actually there's another title. I was just looking for it. Actually, there's another title that actually really caught me off guard. It's coming to the Nintendo Switch. But it's also coming to PlayStation and Xbox, the brand new the next gen systems. Yeah, I cannot remember what that particular title is. But it took me off guard actually that it is coming to Nintendo Switch. I was like, there's no way this title is coming. But yeah, it's gonna be on a tendo switch,

Tox  17:04  
just dance 2022.

Glitch  17:05  
That's got to be it! There we go. That's probably what it was. But I think this goes back to the reason why I brought up Tony Hawk Pro Skater. It goes back to I think what Doug belzer was saying in his interview about redefining the life cycle of the Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo Switch can have a really healthy and super long life cycle. I mean, think about all these titles. They could just remaster them and put them on the switch. Now they're portable. Now I can play them on the go. Or, you know, hey, I missed out on a couple of years worth of playing these particular games because I was in school in college, I was you know, overseas in the military, or whatever it was. And now they get new life on this system, you know, and their titles from PlayStation three or their titles from you know, it could even be PlayStation two titles or Xbox titles from back, you know, back in that time. They could be super nintendo titles, they could be GameCube titles. I am all for them remastering these titles bringing them to the Nintendo Switch. And if they keep doing that, I don't think they even need to touch the switch for another couple years as long as they keep bringing these great titles back

Tox  18:18  
that's a mic drop for you.  Yeah, that I totally agree. I think it's super awesome and I mean if they can make the Witcher three run on the switch and look as good as it does I think there's hope I think there's a lot of good stuff yet to come. Speaking of good stuff yet to come probably one of the most if not the most anticipated title coming from Nintendo. We were hoping to see at EA three which we did see it IE three is Breath of the Wild two. We got a release date ish the year 2022 who knows if that is beginning end or middle but it's a line in the sand Nintendo you've drawn that line and now let's get there as fast as as fast as with as much quality as we can. You know we got another teaser trailer we didn't get gameplay footage. It would have been awesome to have a Nintendo treehouse live gameplay footage of Breath of the Wild too. But we got a trailer and there's some interesting things in this trailer. Wouldn't you say glitch? What? What stood out to you in the trailer?

Glitch  19:28  
Definitely. So first off I thought you were gonna say Super Monkey Ball But yeah,

Tox  19:33  
I was thinking Yes, finally a super monkey ball game.

Glitch  19:37  
Yes, I you know, what is it like their 50th anniversary edition or something like that. Something that really stood out to me for Breath of the Wild too, is now listen closely. At 49 seconds in the brand new trailer. You can see a water droplet going from like a look Kind of like a little pool or a little puddle, but it's going in reverse. Listen closely to the sound, the music in the background, it's playing in reverse as well. And that goes on for, I want to say four seconds or so maybe five seconds. So I feel like that is alluding to something, maybe we're gonna get some kind of time travel aspect in the game. Or maybe the game is about time travel, I'm really excited to see where, where that's going to take. I know Nintendo didn't put that in, you know, without, without them having some kind of motive behind it. So yeah, I'm excited to see where that goes.

Tox  20:37  
I'm so excited. And I don't want to read too much into it. But I'm going to read way too much into it. That animation of the water droplet going in reverse. Okay, it does kind of look like some other Breath of the Wild animations where you sort of, you know, demon terror, when you do fast travel, basically, you sort of D materialize and go up. But that was that really looked like reverse and it went up, you know, rain falls down drops into a puddle. It's a, this is the reverse. And, you know, it kind of took link up into the sky, which is another big deal this guy through I don't know why but through like a cliff, and then he kind of pops out. Time travel, you know, it's been a key element in a number of Zelda games, I can think of one that was fairly popular Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. And, you know, plenty of other Zelda games. Oracle of Seasons is sort of a time traveling thing, you change the weather. I don't know if you actually went back in time. But it's not the first time we've had time travel in Zelda game. And being the 35th anniversary, you know, 2022 it'll, it'll be the 36th anniversary, but you were talking about it. Now. I wouldn't be surprised if Breath of the Wild to like Breath of the Wild continues to incorporate all those great elements of Zelda series that we've come to know and love. And the ones that we haven't seen for a while, right, like Skyward Sword is actually you know, the Zelda game before Breath of the Wild. And we saw a lot of elements from that come into Breath of the Wild. Now we're seeing some of those elements, it seems like come into Breath of the Wild to your back in the sky, high realism, the sky for some reason that you're flying around. And now perhaps we've got time travel? Do we perhaps have some kind of, you know, season change thing? Do we have to have other stuff to look forward to? Who knows? We've got one thing we do know. We've got red fire now, instead of purple fire. We've got red fire.

Glitch  22:36  
Yes, we do. And it looks like maybe a new bad guy to

Tox  22:39  
maybe a new bad character. You know, it starts off that red fire, a shriek and then this buff zombie monk type, skeleton thing. And Zelda falling. And then we cut to link flying. So who knows what it means. But it's a good tease, waiting more information, hopefully soon. All right, moving right along. Another big title. First party title coming out of Nintendo is Metroid dread. Now, you may remember the we spoke about metroid prime and how we were looking forward to Metroid Prime in our preview show. I like that Nintendo acknowledged we that they hadn't forgot about metroid prime, obviously a little bit disappointed. We didn't get more information, but they're like, yeah, yeah, we're working on it. Don't worry. Meanwhile, here's a two day Metroid game. And I think it was pretty cool. Because it's the first 2d Metroid game in 19 years. That's notable. It's sort of wraps up to this saga that started with the original NAS Metroid game, and it supposedly brings it to a really satisfying conclusion tying everything together. The last entry of that was in 2002, with Metroid Fusion, so I'm excited to play and they showed some gameplay footage, you know, it looks nice and shiny, that kind of modern 2d platformer style where it looks great. But you're still side scrolling up and down in 2d?

Glitch  24:03  
The the gameplay reminds me a lot of another title in which you're shooting things out of a hand cannon. Mega Man. Oh, yeah, the gameplay. So as I was watching the trailer, and they were playing through and stuff, I was immediately like, wow, this. This is the new Mega Man. That's exactly what this is. I'm actually pretty down with it, believe it or not, and it looks like they're gonna incorporate some different view angles to it doesn't look like it's just going to be this 2d side scroller. There's going to be some other elements. It looks like they were showing this kind of like 3d view that you'll also be able to have. It's, it's pretty interesting. I think it's, it's gonna be a new kind of take on a 2d sidescroller shooter, so I'm anxious to see what they've done with it. Yeah,

Tox  24:55  
I think it's gonna be great. You know, I can't wait to play it. And we'll Look forward to it for sure. Some other honorable mentions from Nintendo. You know, like we said, lots of ports. Those are great. Lots of first party titles. These are things that stood out to me that I'm super excited for. First of all, why are you aware? Get it together? Where are you Where is the quirkiest? The weirdest game I have ever played on Nintendo. I played it on the wave. And it was it's a series of really fast paced minigames they each one only lasts a few seconds. Your challenge is to figure out what the heck is going on. and complete the game. And now you can do it against your friends. And I'm super looking forward to it. Mario plus rabbids spark of hope we talked about that coming from Ubisoft. We have crouzon blast, which is if you've ever played cougars in USA, or cruisin world, it's another title in that franchise, which is something I played as a kid a lot. Super excited for that. And of course we have the port's Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and DBZ kakarot that we discussed earlier. I am excited for all this stuff. What about you glitch?

Glitch  26:05  
Definitely. I mean, cruisin blast. I spent once again, those days in the arcade. Yeah, I spent way too much money playing those games. So yeah, if it wasn't House of the Dead or area 51 I was playing I think it was cruisin world was the game that I played and you got to drive your pink Lamborghini is like a cone Tosh or whatever is called the Lamborghini Countach over the Golden Gate Bridge. They're in San Francisco. So I used to have a blast doing that.

Tox  26:40  
It's it's a great game and super fun. Can't wait to play that one. Now. We do have some non Nintendo news to this week glitch once you help us out there.

Glitch  26:52  
Tox do you mean non tendo news?

Tox  26:55  
I wasn't gonna say it but yes.

Glitch  26:59  
I think the one notable thing, a game that I have some experience with fortnight I've played it maybe once or twice in my whole life. fortnight cosmics summer celebration event begins today, you're going to be able to unlock some cosmetics in game for free. There's, there's quite a few very interesting things, they're gonna have some challenges for you to complete. There's some LTS that are going to be coming up. That'll be fun to play. LTM meaning limited time modes. It looks really exciting, really fun. And, and with today's update, you can now get abducted by the aliens. I mean, you could get abducted before, but now the mothership can abduct you all No way.

Tox  27:47  
Oh, yes

Glitch  27:48  

Tox  27:49  
So wondering what that thing was going to do is just looming there in the sky.

Glitch  27:53  
And now you can get abducted. So if you haven't had a chance to go check that the new update out definitely go give it a go give it a look. See because they've added some really new fun elements. And I think there might be some new weapons coming soon. There's definitely some new skins that they're going to be putting in the item shop probably starting tonight. That look really exciting. And the trailer just looks like so much fun. The there's a new fortnight trailer for the cosmic summer celebration and it looks like a blast, so I can't wait to play it.

Tox  28:27  
I that sounds awesome. I like fun. I think this sounds fun. I think I'll like it. Well, that wraps up our part two of our E three coverage. Join us next week for more news and a double dose of history as we take a look back at our first console experiences. Now tell me do you dear listener have a favorite console or perhaps Any other questions or comments? Well, you can shoot us an email at comments at morning xp or find us on your favorite social platform. We're at morning XP boost. Until then this has been MXPB with glitch and Tox thank you so much for listening, and we'll see you next time.

Glitch  29:07  
Goodbye, everybody.