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Ep11 80's Night!

August 12, 2021 Episode 11
Morning XP Boost
Ep11 80's Night!
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It's 80's night on MXPB!  Come celebrate the iconic decade, as we discuss what it meant for video games.  Plus, we're recording at NIGHT.  Tell me if you can spot the difference.

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Tox  0:02  
And hopefully you can hear the intro music. This week on MXPB toxin glitch honor their favorite decade, the 80s

Plus, we're recording at night. Stay tuned MX PB starts now.

Hello and welcome to the Morning xp boost. We're your hosts Tox and Glitch, and we're here to give you the experience points you need to get through your week. Glitch, how are you this week?

Glitch  0:50  
I am fantastic How are you, tox

Tox  0:54  
Quelle surprise, I'm also fantastic. This week we're talking about the 80s we're paying a little bit of a tribute to our favorite decade, the 1980s What do you think about that.

Glitch  1:07  
I'm really excited. I'm from the 80s. So I'm really excited to play a little. I know, right, so I'm really excited to pay homage to one of my favorite years, one of my favorite decades rather, the 80s, the 80s,

Are you excited.

Tox  1:30  
No, I'm not excited... yes I'm excited! I love the 80s, everything, and all the good things happened in the 80s video game wise and pop culture wise so that's where we're from, we're time travelers and we're just stuck here we're hoping to get back to the 80s. All right, well, we'll do a quick news fix 80s themed news fix 80s themed history and then 80s themed 80s feature, it's just 80s everywhere. Let's do it. Okay so quick news fix. You know so Tetris. Tetris effect is coming to the Nintendo Switch, that was featured in the indie direct this week, and you know Tetris is obviously a game. It's a game from the 80s programmed by a Russian software engineer, Alexi posted enough in 1984 for the electronica 60 computer, and of course popularized as one of the best selling games of all times on any platform for the Gameboy Nintendo's Gameboy glitch. Do you ever play Tetris by chance

Glitch  2:40  
definitely played Tetris, how about you.

Tox  2:44  
Yes, I can hear the music that sort of Soviet themed music playing in my head. I can hear that kind of screechie I'm thinking about the Gameboy version screeching noise when you get a Tetris, you know you clear all four rows at once, it my favorite version was on the Nintendo 64, where you could actually make gold blocks and silver blocks by creating a four by four square out of full Tetris pieces, and it would be gold if you used all pieces of the same type, that would be silver if you combine two different pieces like the two different L's in two lines that would be a nice little silver block

Glitch  3:27  
I actually used to keep a. I had a, what it was called the, it wasn't gameboy color but it was like the different color Game Boys, do you remember, you know what I'm talking about they had like the original Gameboy the big block, came out with smaller versions of Gameboy. Yep, I had one of those and actually like I had that probably until I got the Nintendo 64 What I would do is, throughout the day, of course I would play my other games, whether they're Goldeneye double oh seven or, you know, Super Mario Brothers. What was that, what's the one with Yoshi, Super Mario Brothers world. Yeah, supermario. Where am I sorry World Two is a Super Mario World. Yeah, all the Mario games, all the games, um, you know, and, and some of those games can be kind of stressful. So at the end of the night, the way that I would unwind is I would, I would have that Gameboy plugged in next to my bed, charging up, or I would just have my, my batteries, tried, it didn't charge, you had the, it was like a 3.5 volt plugin to power your Gameboy. That's right, so I would have that little plug in there. And I would, I would play Tetris, actually right before bed as a way to kind of relax

Tox  4:56  
unwinding with some Tetris matching shapes together. Yeah. Tetris is extremely fun it's one of the first these sort of, you know, very popular genre defining puzzle games where you requires skill as well as a little bit of intelligence to think about what your moves are going to be. And of course, the difficulty ramps up, and you could, in theory, perhaps play indefinitely, but the mechanics of the game would eventually catch up to you as things just started to fall too fast for anyone to really move them into any position void of empty spaces. So, great game from the 80s hits our 80s theme, and it's coming to the Nintendo Switch, in the form of Tetris effect, sometime soon. Yay. Yay. Well that's it for a quick little news fix. Let's head over to the history department shall we.

So, today, is this week in gaming history glitch was born. Isn't that right glitch?  Happy birthday man. I surprised you, mission accomplished.

Glitch  6:17  
I was not expecting.  You sure did, I love it. 30 years ago Super Nintendo Super Mario World, which is the game that I was trying to talk about a little bit earlier, released. And then Super Nintendo's, what, why did you put Super Nintendo twice in the notes? Super.

Unknown Speaker  6:44  
Super Nintendo Super Nintendo for the Super Nintendo platform.

Glitch  6:49  
The Super Nintendo Super Nintendo released it's like a more super version of the Super Nintendo. No. It also released I believe Super Mario World was the release title for the super the Super Nintendo. So, the Super Nintendo. The game was a lot of fun, I'm sure. Did you play it.

Tox  7:12  
Oh yeah, I played this game through and through. It's one of the games even my wife played too. It's one that we've revisited together. Since then, because it holds up so well, and, you know, obviously, you play as Mario. It's the first time we see Yoshi you get Yoshi. Yoshi eats. She comes in an egg and eats like these weird, I guess, apples, and out the other end, come, you know, one ups, it, what's not to love real Yoshi can fly Yoshi breathes fire Yoshi can stop. What else can Yoshi do Yoshi does it all.

Glitch  7:48  
Yoshi does do it all purple Yoshi I remember was my favorite if he ate the purple shell I think you could fly.

Tox  7:54  
And I mean flying is like you fly in any game, you know, it's done and it, you know, you couldn't fly forever Yoshi would swallow the shell and then eventually you would stop flying, wherever you happen to be, and start falling,

Glitch  8:10  
Yoshi would make that interesting move kind of like a cat getting ready to get sick, they would swallow. Yeah, he kind of would like to a little. Yeah, that was a that was a great system, I also played a lot of. Now this, this is not from this wasn't a game that released this week in history. But it was a game that I had a lot of fun play on that a Super Nintendo and that was a Street Fighter. That was, that was a lot of fun. The game was an absolute hit and it's held up really well. It's in like every arcade classic bundle that you can purchase to this day. Oh, another solid franchise right there.

Tox  8:57  
Okay, so you got to tell me Street Fighter Street Fighter two Street Fighter two turbo Street Fighter,

Glitch  9:04  
two alpha, it was just, Street Fighter two you know the one where you, I think, M Bison was the boss at the very end. Yeah. And, yeah, it had an awesome and it had all the, the characters in Street Fighter that I feel like everybody knows, Street Fighter I feel like, you know it's grown over the years and there's so many new people. I, I, I've seen them like on like the trailers and I'm like I don't know who any of those people are, if it's not Ken or ryou or Chun Li, you're not Honka start. Yeah, if you're not Tonka, then you're not a Street Fighter, I'm sorry.

Tox  9:49  
Yeah, get out of here. Yeah, those characters are iconic and are Street Fighter two Street Fighter two turbo like these games from the Super Nintendo area, and specifically for a Super Nintendo had staying power. I think that's one of the really special things about about the platform Super Mario World, people speed run it play Kaiser levels today, Street Fighter still, people still play Street Fighter remember it fondly does games really held up. Great plugged in.

Glitch  10:20  
We're gonna go back just a little bit further than the 1990s back to the 80s, the 80s Finally, I know Sega Genesis came out 32 years ago this week, and we take a step back even further 34 years ago this week. Nas Metroid, that is Nintendo Metroid came out,

Tox  10:46  
I tried Metroid, obviously he's getting so this is interesting because this is the first entry in the Metroid series that is getting a finale. I forget if it's this year or next year in the form of Metroid dread for the Nintendo Switch. And it's really interesting to see how Nintendo decided to revisit that storyline. 3435 years after the first entry in that was released this week in 1987, Metroid Metroid one.

Glitch  11:23  
I think it Yeah, I would say that's really interesting and I think we'd like to see more of that because there are, there are some games that I've played over the last 35 years. Over the last 35 years. And, you know, some of those games have been left open ended, you know, any yes Metroid I think got a second title,

Tox  11:43  
and that was that Metroid Metroid two and then Super Metroid, on the Super Nintendo was the third installment I'm currently playing that for the first time, all these years later and well that's a game, let me tell you.

Glitch  11:58  
So, Super Metroid still takes place the same storyline, it's a continuation.

Tox  12:05  
That's the third installment in this line,

Glitch  12:08  
and then dread will kind of end. Yeah, I

Tox  12:11  
honestly I don't know the series too well, but there's something between that and dread but Yeah, we'll definitely dread is supposed to bring it to a close.

Glitch  12:21  
I think we need. I think we need to reboot pitfall. You mean Indiana Jones. That's right, yeah. Right. Yeah, so should we, uh, we go ahead maybe and take a step back and talk about a time that was a little bit different, a time when gun was kind of popular

Tox  12:47  
when big hair ruled when Madonna and Michael Jackson topped the charts. When Reaganomics was a thing yuppies Beverly Hills Cop Raiders of the Lost Ark, all those things we know and love from the 80s. We've dipped our toes a little bit with Tetris Genesis and Metroid. In our 1980s games and systems features, but now we're gonna go full blown 80s and to see if we can say the word 80s At least 80 times in this ad special.

Glitch  13:22  
I love the 80s

Tox  13:25  
think there's a TV series by that name. So what are we talking about what the 80s we've got all these iconic pop culture things going on, you know the hair metal, those kind of soft focus pictures, MTV Music videos, you can picture it in your head the glam the hair, the frizz. The music, the movies blockbuster movies were a thing, and video games, not to be discounted, video games, personal computers, that kind of marriage, video game consoles coming into the home. The Macintosh computer coming into the home and the dwindling coin operated arcade scene,

Glitch  14:07  
all in the context of one of our biggest recessions in North America in the early 80s, the 90 days were huge for music for pop culture, and for characters that we still come to know and love. To this day, some of those characters being Pac Man. bidermann are. Let's restart that this

Tox  14:34  
is a little peek behind the curtain, it is 6pm Pacific Time 9pm Glitch time and we normally record this in the morning, hence morning xp boost both, we both have what sound like pretty long. Brain frying days. We're burning the midnight oil here for our podcast listeners because we got to get this episode out Gosh darn it.

Glitch  15:04  
So, the 1980s were huge for, you know, movies, music, cigarettes, everything, pop culture. Pop Culture was oozing out of the woodworks, and video games were there and they were starting, and like frickin Donald Trump. They were there they were studying, they were gonna be big, it was,

Tox  15:33  
everyone was

Glitch  15:34  
having a good time. I know all about games. So we talked about the Super Nintendo system and how we, we have some very memorable characters, games that we played on the SNPs on the Nintendo, the NAS, there are some memorable characters that we still have to this day. We've got Pac Man. We've got Mario. We've got. Who else we got talks,

Tox  16:06  
Donkey Kong, we got Frogger, you know, they're the characters and they're the franchises that started in the 80s in either home consoles or arcades, or both, in many cases we'll touch on that a little bit. That everyone I think recognizes Pac Man Pac Man has a feature film. Of course everyone knows Mario, Super Mario Brothers came out in 1985 on the NAS, as well as in the arcades and Tetris we already discussed that a character but a great franchise and of course Donkey Kong who could, who doesn't know Donkey Kong right Donkey Kong's original incarnation in 1981 in the arcades and then reproduced on every console of the era, including the Nintendo Entertainment System, where Donkey Kong is, you know, stealing your girl and throwing barrels at you, and it's kind of unclear why but you don't want to get hit by a barrel so you jump over the barrel and don't fall because you're very fragile.

Glitch  17:07  
Something else that happened in the 1980s is video games for the first time again to work with production companies and produce video games based on movies. Yeah, so we had, Star Wars The Video Game, we had up gun, the video game, and we had the infamous very very infamous et video game that actually nearly killed video gaming altogether. That's almost its own whole separate thing that we need. Yeah, we talked about a little bit before. Yeah, and

Tox  17:45  
how we met, we didn't make the cut and someone pointed this out to me but we mentioned. And the uncut version that you know we there were landfills, filled with that game because it didn't do so well, let's Yes,

Glitch  18:00  
in fact, other games Peyo mas to that in just cause, three is actually a couple of landfills, on the, on the map and just cause, and you can go there and you can see copies of the first just cause held up in massive mountains and they're actually paying homage to ET, because they were they, they had so many copies that they had to fill up landfills with them,

Tox  18:29  
they just had to throw them out no one would take them. That's amazing. Yeah, that's an awesome little piece of gaming history. So we have all these franchises we have movies, working with video games really capitalizing on the pop culture consumerism, you know, sort of yuppies of the 80s. It's an interesting time in this transition in gaming for sure.

Glitch  18:55  
The thing that drew me to video games in the first place was actually my favorite movie series which is Star Wars. You know, when I was first watching Star Wars, it wasn't the 70s Maybe it even wasn't the late. Well, it was probably the late, late 80s 89 or early 90s When I was watching them. I was watching these movies and I had to find Star Wars everything. Oh, I found the Star Wars Atari game, it popped it in and it was actually one of the very first games to put you in the cockpit of something, and audio with voiceovers. And it wasn't just like MIDI files like what everyone was used to hearing is actually a pretty game breaking game. And, you know, to actually be flying down through the Death Star trench in an X Wing in an Atari game, and hear Luke say, you know, read five, you know, it, it was, it was just, it was an incredible experience. And I think that's one of the things that really hooked me into video games to start with.

Tox  20:04  
I mean, You know those movies I think are so, obviously, they're so iconic and movies in general really take you somewhere good movies, you know you, there's that suspension of disbelief, you feel like you're in the movie, or at least you're in the world you are totally down with what's happening and all makes sense. And then the video games being an interactive piece of that, you know, even if the graphics are just sort of line aren't vectorized or really super pixelated, you know, those old school kind of graphics. If you put you're playing it like you said you're in the cockpit of an X Wing, like what a perspective you know you can imagine that perspective in the movie, you've seen the movie and you're thinking about it you're, you know, you're really a part of the game, at that point and I think, I think that's a really good point. Now, you know, as games sort of start maturing, you transition from like, okay, you know, I'm in this, whatever kind of land where a monkey is throwing barrels at me, you know, that's one type of game or you're solving a puzzle that's another type of game, but really being able to be immersed in an experience and feel like you're a part of the game. I think that's a really cool thing and it sounds like this, X Wing cockpit perspective really made that happen, maybe for the first time or one of the first times.

Glitch  21:30  
Definitely. And, I mean, outside of the relationship between the movies and video games, we still have those other characters too like Pac Man, Donkey Kong Frogger, those characters have continued to live on to this day, I mean, Super Mario just celebrated was 35 years, Mario just celebrated 35 years. Yeah, and still cranking out new titles, I think, Mario galaxies, what was the most recent one here, I've played a Super Mario Odyssey. Yeah, Odyssey. I played a demo. I don't own it yet but it's definitely a game that, you know, once I get through all the games that I want to play. It's a game I want to own it looks absolutely incredible. Have you played it so it's at the very bottom. Yeah, yeah, it really is, unfortunately,

Unknown Speaker  22:22  
the backlog is real, that's fine. But everything else I want to do in my life, and I will play Super Mario Odyssey.

Glitch  22:30  
Have you played it talks.

Tox  22:32  
I love that game I still played I, you know, sit the 3d Mario games. There's an aspect even this starting with Super Mario World, but there's an aspect, there's a strong aspect of completion ism to them right you're collecting stars or shines, or whatever's moons, and you're completing challenges in all the different vibrant worlds to collect them, and sometimes you're also collecting in Super Mario Odyssey you got clothing so you get to dress up Mario and all these different costumes. You can buy them at the shops. There's different currencies you buy them with it's kind of bringing mario into that currency based type of game, but maintaining the true roots of a 3d Mario game which is 3d platforming and collecting all the stars you can, and I do not like last Mario game that I 100% it was Super Mario Galaxy one. And since then, I I just I just enjoy the games and I do as much as I can and every once in a while before bed. I'll take out the switch, and just explore a couple of worlds in Super Mario Odyssey and see if I can find a few new moons and it's a really fun relaxing rewarding way to play.

Glitch  23:49  
You see, I'm, I'm on a switch break right now because I spent, I think 500 hours on Animal Crossing about 300 hours or 400 hours on Breath of the Wild. Oh, that's why ours. So right now, you know, Twitch and I are, we're just, we're just taking a little break, but it's good. Well, we'll get back together soon.

Tox  24:15  
You're waiting for your steam deck in the mail, you can start playing switch again. That's right. Spring

Glitch  24:23  
was another title that I feel like kind of escaped us so taka Genesis also came out in the 1980s towards the end, as a competitor to the Nintendo system. And there was a title that launched with it. That was actually pretty great. And when blockbuster but Hollywood video up here on the. Yep. Did you have a Hollywood Video oh yeah we had both Yeah. So towards the end of their lifespan you used to be able to rent. I guess it wouldn't be towards the end of their lifespan they had little gaming sections you could rent different video game systems and things like that. Oh yeah, actually rented a Sega Genesis us to play Mega Man. Nice. Yeah. It, you know it's it's the one like iconic hero type character that I didn't really get to experience all that much because I had a I had a Nintendo, and I had an Atari. Those were the systems I played Mega Man never came to those systems. Oh, if you, if you've never had a chance to play Mega Man it's actually very different from Mario, very different from anything you would have played on the Atari. It's a really great experience. If you ever played Jazz Jackrabbit bago, just like that.

Tox  25:53  
It strikes me as somewhat similar to Metroid as well. Right, yeah. Yes, yep, a different weapons and the kind of platforming scenario,

Glitch  26:05  
yeah it's it's almost like Sega was trying to say hey you know we're gonna take Metroid, and Mario and throw them together, and we're gonna do that.

Tox  26:16  
I never played too much MegaMan, I just dabbled a little bit here and there some obviously familiar with the format, and you know we were talking about the merger of video games and movies, and it's kind of funny how in the 80s we saw, you know, video games being made out of movies at Indiana Jones and how especially recently in the last 10 years we've seen. Well, you know, throughout the 90s and 2000s but it's I feel like it's ramping up a lot in the last 10 years, as, as people like us are getting older and wanting to spend their money, remembering when we were young. Video games becoming movies, too. And we were just talking earlier before the show how Mega Man, seems like it's due for a movie, and I guess is actually a fad made Mega Man movie that came out in 2010, and it is. What is definitely, let's say fan made it'd

Glitch  27:12  
be worth checking. Honestly, after, after the podcast, you know, maybe tomorrow evening. I think I'm actually going to watch it. Want to check it out. Want to see how this guy, let me see here what was his name. Oh, Eddie LeBron Eddie LeBron. Any LeBron we're coming to watch your I'm coming to watch your fanmade film tomorrow. Can't wait to see it, Vimeo, let's

Tox  27:33  
do it. I'll start popping the popcorn. Yeah, so, you know, video games, these series that started in the 80s have had this huge influence on our pop culture, and of course we have, you know, arcades were a big thing in the 70s is sort of the genesis of video games, not the Sega Genesis but the beginning of video games, and in the 80s they were sort of starting to dwindle and, you know the future of gaming was at least video games, unclear because with recessions and stuff it was becoming less and less popular, but Donkey Kong really kind of showed that video games can be profitable. And it was a breakout hit right made tons and tons of money for Nintendo and really kept Nintendo's arcade business going through the 80s, but Nintendo saw the writing on the wall and they started to transition to home consoles, of course, we've already talked about the NDS, but one thing I find really interesting is that transition between from arcades to consoles and how there is overlap, you know, Super Mario Brothers was playable on the arcade, as well as on the Nintendo Entertainment System. So those two things overlap and there's a potential for them to sort of cannibalize one another sales like if you've gotten any s and you're bad home playing it, you don't need to go to the arcade, or if you played in the arcade once in a while, you don't need to make that upfront initial investment. You know that hefty price tag to get the system in, get the game for yourself, but one cool thing that Nintendo did was innovative for the time although we take it for granted now where you can literally just turn on your console and download whatever game you want from the last 20 years and played instantaneously. You know with you have an arcade machine. That was the game, and that was pretty much it. There were conversion kits but I mean you're talking, replacing the exterior artwork, replacing, you know, these big motherboards, all the internal circuitry. Nintendo started making a line of arcades the vs arcade system that was more interchangeable with respect to what games he could play on it and sometimes play multiple games, and they would sell packs, like, you know, cartridges, but a precursor to cartridges that you could use to more easily swap out games or add more games to your arcade and those arcades were the same hardware, more or less as the end yes so games were ahead in the arcades, Nintendo could take that information and produce an NS version. And so, you know, it's sort of interesting to see how the arcades, kind of got us where we were in the 80s and how Nintendo made that more successful leap than Atari more than Colico vision into home consoles, and of course, the rest is history.

Glitch  30:29  
Now quick we did talk about movies becoming video games, but back in the 80s there was a video game that became the movie we didn't really talk about it. I don't know that you want to talk about it. I think didn't Mario Brothers become a movie there talked.

Unknown Speaker  30:50  
Look at the year I'm pretty sure it was a 90s movie starring John Leguizamo as Luigi. And, yes,

Tox  30:58  
it's an amazing movie that I love Goombas, instead of being small. I don't know what they are supposed to be to begin with. Brown small brown pyramid things with feet. They are big, brown, like, kind of, I guess they're like a mushroom, or a frog or something but yeah, they're big and they're kind of Dopey and one of them plays the harmonica, and it's really, really cute actually. Who's whose browser browser is some of the famous ones Dennis Hopper, Dennis Hopper as browser is just amazing.

Glitch  31:38  
Do I need to rewatch that too. Honestly, you know, I think that these movie about Mega Man is probably better than the Super Mario Brothers movie, or it has some potential to be on the same level, I think

Tox  31:57  
we'll have to see Eddie's movie but I'd love I legitimately love this movie Luigi gets the girl, like, oh my god, This is a Super Mario Brothers movie. Wait, Bob Hoskins is Mario. Yeah, I'm telling you this good movie.

Glitch  32:15  
Is this what is this rated A Hoskins.

Tox  32:23  
You know they're plumbers in New York, I guess, New York, I assume, New York, I don't really know, they go into the sewer right and it is a live action movie so they're like, you know, actually there and so it's not quite as fanciful as actual Mario World, but there's fungus, you know, and the fungus is kind of like helping them, it's sort of like their ally and they learn, and they're the koopas, you know, there, like I said kind of dopey big things walking around, one of them plays the harmonica and when he plays the harmonica they all, you know, there's a scene where they're like, in some kind of elevator. I don't know why there's elevators in the sewer but like they're trying to not be detected right the koopas know or the goombas know what to look for them. And so the one starts playing the harmonica, and they just start making it. Like physically make it sway, and then make all the goombas sway and then they're all just kind of swaying and they're just kind of dancing and that's that's like, how they escape the situation, they just make the goombas start dancing. And, yeah, they come front, the front browser, who's mostly humanoid but has like either a haircut or like an extra skin that makes them moral kind of like reptilian on his head, but mostly, mostly human even bad dude. And if I recall, Luigi, John Leguizamo, gets the girl, the Princess Peach equivalent who's not a princess I don't, I don't really remember the plot, but I'm sure it was amazing.

Glitch  33:48  
Now I will say the TV show there was a, what's called the Super Mario Brothers Super Show, I actually really enjoyed watching that, then it came out in 1989 I think and ran two seasons, maybe, maybe three. But I mean, it was really cool. It had a live action segment they had stars on there like Cyndi Lauper, I actually still remember that episode. Sergeant Slaughter from. So it would have been WWF back then. Now WWE. He was one of the CO hosts, because they did. There was actually like a crossover episode with GI Joe, at some point. Sergeant slaughter stayed on the show for a while, extra myth. Mario and Luigi,

Unknown Speaker  34:40  
that we need to calibrate your, your scale because, Like you're kind of flip inverted right. Yeah. But yeah,

Tox  34:52  
that was definitely a thing right i mean if you said at the time that it ran, it's unforgettable and iconic, that's for sure. Yeah. Forget it, you're not gonna forget that

Glitch  35:04  
Sergeant slaughter and Mario and Luigi live action. These were good times A times.

Tox  35:14  
And I think that's what you know is so endearing about the 80s is, it's the characters I feel like there's sort of not wholesome but almost like transparency to these characters right they're not anything other than what they are and I feel like that's true for a lot of things in the 80s are your blockbuster action heroes, or, you know, Arnold. There, it's you, what you see is What You Get right.

Yep, there's not much more to it, and it's great. Alright glitch. Well I don't know. How do you feel, do you feel you're ready to come back to the present.

Glitch  35:53  
I feel like I'm ready to come back to the present for now. Now, yeah, it was a good visit. It was.

Unknown Speaker  36:00  
Well that wraps up what you might call an episode of mourning XP booth. We've been your hosts Tox and Glitch.

Glitch  36:09  
This evening XP. 

Unknown Speaker  36:18  
Oh, we're so sorry that you listened all the way to this point and we hope that you will join us again next week. But thank you for listening. We'll see you soon. Excellent. Not even gonna plug our socials. Yeah.

Glitch  36:44  
Okay, I actually think it was pretty good though. I'm not gonna lie,

Tox  36:48  
I'm not gonna edit it at all.  I gotta have to but I've got to make it sound like it's not edited,

Glitch  37:02  
we should both do I love the 80s at the end. All right, I love the 80s. 
great. All right, I'm gonna press the button now. Thank you.