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Ep12 Zelda and Candy

August 19, 2021 MXPB Episode 12
Morning XP Boost
Ep12 Zelda and Candy
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This week on MXPB tox and glitch get sweet and sour with Japanese candy.  Plus, we pay “homage” to The Legend of Zelda. 

Pikmin Candy

Pokemon Gun

Zelda Fun Facts

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Tox  0:01  
You're here we go. This week on MXPB tox and glitch gets sweet and sour with Japanese candy. Plus, we pay homage to the Legend of Zelda. Don't go away at MXPB starts now.

Hello and welcome to the Morning XP boosts were your hosts tox and glitch, and we're here to give you the experience points you need to get through your week glitch, what's your favorite color

Glitch  0:47  
purple what's yours,

Tox  0:49  
burnt orange, but very honest, I like all colors. Yeah so this week we are going to talk about some news gaming news and gaming history like we do every week, and we've got so much to share. We're gonna stick with that and have some pretty sweet conversations. Are you ready to do this glitch.

Glitch  1:10  
Let's good kick us off with the news.

Tox  1:13  
I just saw a couple interesting Nintendo themed things come in candy, and some Pokemon fan to art. So, you know, Nintendo is a Japanese company, and I guess this is, I don't know if this characteristic of Japan or if it's just a few stories that my friends have told me they've shown me sort of interesting candy flavors like green tea flavored cats and other stuff like that from their visits to Japan. I've never been, I would love to go. But apparently, Beverly some gummy like Pokemon candy, which is really cool. I'll also kind of random because I guess Pickman three was remade for the switch. Last year, and that's sort of a deluxe version it's great but there hasn't been a new Pokemon game like a new proper entry in the series for quite some time and so it's a little bit funny that the candy is sort of research surfacing now. But in any case it's these cool brightly colored gummies, and you can pick up a pack, if you're in Japan.

Glitch  2:20  
But um, are you familiar with pseudo Marte.

Unknown Speaker  2:24  
No, no, not really.

Glitch  2:25  
Okay, suju Mart is also not a sponsor. They're in there the company you there there's an app that you can download or you can just go on their website, and pretty much anything that they sell in Japan as far as candy. Even like Starbucks exclusive mugs that would come from like the Mount Fuji area, like anything you can think of that is like Japan exclusive, you can pretty much get from suju mark for a little extra cost. Of course,

Tox  2:53  
I did see something like that, it looks like I could order candy from Japan, but I wasn't exactly sure how that would work.

Glitch  3:02  
We actually, we just did it. So, for my birthday last week, we. Hey, I got this little pin yada and it was stuffed full of candy. I don't really do candy, but it was stuffed full of all these different Japanese treats, just, just like snacks. I can't read a single label, but that's okay. I've been enjoying digging into it and trying all this different stuff, it's very interesting flavors like you said.

Tox  3:32  
So yeah, you know it's candy just put it in your mouth, it'll be fine. Right. So, yeah, that's the candy fix. And then my other news item that I thought was kind of fun, was, so. Oh come on, gun, I guess is a meme, you have Pokemon sword and shield, and you know if there were to be an imaginary third entry in the sword and shield buying up. It might be a gun right sort of weapons, but of course it's ridiculous because you would never have guns in Pokemon, but comic book artists, Abel Hagen, made a concept drawing of like box art, complete with a legendary fictional legendary Pokemon for Pokemon gun, and that it's really good, like the sword and shield Pokemon legendary dogs are sort of red and blue. And this dog is green, and it's holding a gun and it's got sort of the same faceplate and the box art is hilarious because they have these little icons, and the and the sword one, it's like a sword and a shield one it's like a shield. The gun is like this, like super angry wolf with like two pistols across his chest, it looks super aggressive and super hilarious. And, yeah, I just love the fact that someone took this mean to the next level and designed some proper box art for it.

Glitch  4:57  
Actually I just, I just looked at it myself, it's, it's a hilarious, and I think it looks like they kind of got the idea to from. What is the watertight Pokemon

Tox  5:09  
like glass toys.

Glitch  5:11  
No in shield sword and shield.

Tox  5:14  
You can use heavily on your intelligence, like a sniper. Yeah,

Glitch  5:18  
yeah. And, I mean he legitimately has in his. The, the max form Dynamax form. Yeah, he legit has a sniper rifle in his hand and he, I guess it's like a water rifle.

Tox  5:33  
It's kind of weird. Yeah,

Glitch  5:35  
that, that is definitely something I mean when I saw that with the Pokemon doing that. That's something we've never really seen in Pokemon before so I mean while it's a concept. We'll get a Pokemon gun, who knows.

Tox  5:48  
Well that's the funny thing. A while back, there was a trailer for this game PowerWorld, which is kind of like a Pokemon clone you go around like collecting creatures, and some of the first half of the trailer, you're like okay this is like Pokemon you have creatures. You know you can battle them you can use them for different tasks, and then it starts to take like a really dark turn. Most of the game appears to be using your Pokemon to like do work, so you're like, Okay, you're kind of trapping these creatures and making them do work for you, and then they drop the fact that they do gun battles that they literally shoot each of the Pokemon are shooting each other and you're not Pokemon but pow, whatever they're called. You're shooting these animals and you'd like put them in front of you as like animals shields for this gunfire. Yeah, so if you ever imagined what Pokemon would be like with guns. We'll get to find out soon with PowerWorld.

Glitch  6:43  
And I mean, Pokemon has gone to some weird places before.

Was it Sun and Moon. It wasn't called Dynamax back then but do your. Do you know what I'm talking about they had the advanced forms for your Pokemon, the beasts. Yeah, you could like activate them, but it caused like even said like the Pokemon Lord, it caused severe pain to the Pokemon for you to do that to them. And I think it actually ticked down their health, too, when you, when you activated that so you can essentially kill your Pokemon. During a battle it like that was for me that was a strange place so I never activated that particular power, you know that they're fictional characters but I grew kind of attached to my. Was it flame Talon, or both.

Tox  7:31  

Glitch  7:32  
I was kind of attached to my Talonflame I couldn't, you know hurt it.

Tox  7:37  
You don't want to hurt it and there are moves that will hurt Pokemon like have recoil, and that one in particular I remember I forget what the form is called like V max or something you had a stone. You have to hold a stone and then you could access those moves. And that was really cool. It's kind of like a precursor to, like you said the dynamics moves and stuff. Yeah, don't want to hurt those Pokemon and that's interesting that you picked out that flavor text. They do throw things like that, sort of subtly into things, I was just looking at my cards the other day and I have a Surina card where the flavor text. This pokemon card from the trading card game says a kick from the heart and tips of this pokemons legs, leaves a wound in the opponent's body and soul. That will never heal. I'd like to have a little fun from time to time.

Glitch  8:31  
Yeah, I mean I do, I absolutely loved the, the form of chars are in that was it was Sun and Moon. It was like I think you could pick there was two different versions you could have like a black version of chars art that had these like flames that were shoot off all like all over his body, and I think there was like a blue version, like red flames It was wild, but I could never bring myself to use that special power, because I didn't want to, I didn't want to cause my Pokemon pain

Tox  9:03  
until it hurt the little Pokemon. One more thing I have to say about Pokemon is that in our future, and your past, there will have been a Pokemon direct on Wednesday of this week. That's reportedly 28 minutes long, and hopefully giving us a lot more information on the upcoming Pokemon games, brilliant diamond and shining Pearl, which are remakes of Diamond and Pearl for the switch, but more importantly, Pokemon Arcadius or Arceus. Not exactly sure which it is, but it's an open world sort of Breath of the Wild ask Pokemon game, and you know, we sort of got a teaser trailer for it, and some artwork. Apparently it has wooden poker balls, and it sort of takes place, way in the past in like this feudal version of the sino region. And so, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are also in the same, sino region so it's kind of cool that RTS is sort of maybe like a prequel of sorts and you maybe get a feel for how Pokemon, you know what, you sort of just dropped into the Pokemon world or like, yeah, they're poker balls in a PC that you can digitally transfer Pokemon around and it's like no big deal. Hopefully this maybe flushes out the story a little bit, and maybe bring some interesting mechanics because this is a time before gyms, and a time before really any Pokemon trainers, I think the idea is you're basically one of the first. So that's a big deal, look out for that. I'm sure there'll be plenty of awesome details, by the time you listen to this, go, go pick them out.

Glitch  10:40  
And we've also got some updates in fortnight. Oh yeah. So 17.4 went live on Tuesday, August 17. Once again, by the time you're listening to this, you'll know that if you're a fortnight player. We've got some new modes, or a new mode, that was included in this update, it's a new imposter mode so some of you might recall, last year. Epic Games acquired among us. The private developer that created the game. I didn't even realize that. Yeah, so among us was acquired by Epic Games, and ever since pic, and among us have been working to figure out how they can do a fortnight crossover. There's been a lot of things kind of teased, both in the files. A lot of times fortnight developers will leave little, little things in the files for because I know there's fortnight leakers that will go in there, they access to files, and they try to pull stuff out early, and they know that every, I think most major game developers know that at this point, especially when one is updated and as popular as fortnight, so they've hidden some things inside the files, alluding to an among us collab, and we're finally getting one with this new mode. It's called the imposter mode, there's a trailer that they just put up on Tuesday morning, and it looks really good. I'm really excited to play it I haven't had a chance to do it yet but looks like a lot of fun.

Tox  12:18  
Sounds awesome, and said, Are there any details or hints as to what the moat is like in the trailer.

Glitch  12:25  
Not really actually the, it's more yeah it's a little it's a little mysterious, and it actually ties right into the lore of fortnight, you know, fortnight's really kind of ramping up their story. Right now, there's with the update some other things have happened like Coral Castle i think is currently being ducted into the spacecraft. We just lost. Not steamy stacks but slurpy swamp. The large building over there that that creates slurp at slurpy swamp was just abducted, a week or so ago,

Tox  13:02  
and now the aliens can't get ahold of the Slurpee technology

Glitch  13:05  
will be they already. They have I know we are doomed and now they're abducting everyone's favorite poi and fortnight castle.

Tox  13:17  
Yeah, hey I like Coral Castle, that the coral and make things to you. It's nice.

Glitch  13:22  
Yeah, the coral buddies, I think they're, they're gonna be going, I think that's, that is, I think that's the one good part of Coral Castle, in my opinion. Yeah. Other news we've got some steam deck news. Phil Spencer seems to really enjoy it, and a bunch of YouTubers have also recently had the chance to get their hands on it there's a prototype that's out right now, and Valve has been inviting some of these influencers directly to their facility where they're manufacturing the steam deck, testing it, and everybody that's been trying to get out has been having a really great time with it. A lot of the comments that I've been hearing about it is it's larger than you would expect it to be. It's lighter than you would expect it to be as well so I mean that's, that that is good.

Tox  14:20  
Phil Spencer, of course, is the head honcho for Xbox over at Microsoft. And I saw an article, you know, was specifically talking about his experience based on a tweet, I guess, where he's had it for a week and he's like Hey, Halo Age of Empires these Microsoft games play great, and apparently he says that x cloud works well too, which means he must have gone and installed Windows on his steam deck, and then tried out x cloud so that's really great to hear because that was one of the things that was kind of speculating you know you can install Windows on it you can do whatever you want on it, and of course there'll be limitations here and there but it's nice to see that x cloud running on Windows is usable, I would love to see exactly how usable but it's a great sign for the platform.

Glitch  15:13  
It looks like a majority of the games are running pretty smoothly, you know like, we had talked about yet. I think we basically did a whole podcast on the Steam deck, didn't we, oh yeah, if I can recall way back, way back when. And I know some of the things that the people that are trying it out right now have said that they do have to map, some of the buttons for for certain games, so

Tox  15:39  
make sense.

Glitch  15:40  
Yeah, and the touch pads are not currently optimized. A lot of the games currently in the store, they do believe that there's going to be an update some of the people that have tried it out. I've talked to the development team over at Valve, and they said that they're going to be releasing a either a patch or an update before the system comes out for public distribution or shortly thereafter to utilize those touch pads in more games in the store.

Tox  16:13  
Definitely gonna make tweaks based on the feedback of the Early Access early adopters and everyone who gets it before you and I get it. So, that that'll be good I'm glad, I'm glad they're acknowledging that and if they didn't do that that would be a real lost opportunity, But I'm sure there'll be things to patch and things to tweak, and hopefully they'll do it well.

Glitch  16:35  
Yeah. There's also a new game that's taking it's taking the the gaming waves by storm I guess you could say,

Tox  16:44  
taking us by storm okay

Glitch  16:46  
taking us by storm. Split gape. The easiest way for me to describe this game is its first person shooter just like Call of Duty, but using portal technology like, well, Portal. Portal,

Tox  17:02  
I love portal.

Glitch  17:04  
Yeah. Imagine being able to shoot a portal behind an opponent and then shoot it on a wall, go through the wall and come out behind your opponent, and just blast them with a pistol or a rifle or whatever. So that's the kind of fun you can expect from split gape some major gamers have already picked it up and there, they've been streaming it on Twitch, and it looks like a lot of fun it's currently in beta, I think you need to have a beta code in order to test but there's a lot of beta codes out there right now so if you're interested, you can, it's it's easy to find.

Tox  17:39  
I'm wondering interested.

Glitch  17:40  
Yeah, one thing that really excites me about this game as you know, right now a lot of games like Call of Duty Warzone fortnight, really focused on the competitive aspect so while fortnight has been including some more fun aspects to the game, you know, we have the, the inflator cow, or the, yeah, the inflatable right now, and a couple other things that makes the game pretty fun liftgate has a whole custom lobby system that allows you to basically tweak the settings and do whatever you want to really enjoy the gameplay you could have big head mode on low gravity and unlimited ammo.

Tox  18:19  
So just exactly what you were talking about in our T podcast.

Glitch  18:24  
So I think it's really great that uh, that split gate is doing something like that, I think that's gonna make the game a lot more replayable and memorable.

Unknown Speaker  18:34  
Oh yeah.

Tox  18:36  
Yeah, It's gonna be a ton of fun and I'm really curious to play it myself. You know I love Splatoon and Splatoon too, and hopefully Splatoon three, and one of the things that really drew me to it is the, you know, the evolution of a game beyond simply pointing and shooting and in Splatoon, obviously you're shooting ink on the ground that you can use to travel faster through and reload. And so that mechanic itself just added so much depth and so much fun to the game and Portal. Portal to those games are already so much fun just to play around with and to try and wrap your head around the physics that happen when you've got a portal on the ceiling and a portal on the floor, and you just gotta hop on through and see what happens. And so I think this game has a lot of potential to just be super fun. Do you know what platforms, it's available for now we're going to be whenever it's out of beta.

Glitch  19:35  
I think currently it is just available on Steam, I want to say, so it's available in a beta version on Steam only so on PC right now, PC,

Tox  19:46  
got it. Okay, yeah, I would love to play that on my PlayStation five I think it would be a really fun. Really fun controller experience. Yeah. Well,

Glitch  19:57  
does that do it for our news, Miss York talks.

Tox  20:01  
I think that's pretty good for the news. How about we do some history, though, this week, lots of stuff happened in gaming history. One of the biggest ones that popped up on my chart was the US release of The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987. On August 22 Obviously we did our abs podcast last week, if you didn't hear that it's in the feed. You can go hear what it sounds like when we record at night instead of in the morning, and that was fun. And we talked about games like Super Mario Brothers Legend of Zelda we talked about the NAS, of course, we talked about, Mega Man, and a quick correction from last week. We weren't sure if Mega Man made its way onto the NAS but of course it did, it was one of the first platform to host Mega Man, The first Mega Man game. And so there's a quick correction on that but we did talk a little bit about Mega Man, and all those great classic 80s games but I think there's no question that the Legend of Zelda is, is, is, I don't even have a word for it. It is its own right, it is that influential helped me out glitch, what is,

Glitch  21:23  
it's, it's an icon, I made on.

Tox  21:26  

Glitch  21:26  
I can remember it's, it's one of the first games, you know where I can clearly remember the game cartridge and game cartridge was that gold color.

Tox  21:38  
Really, I mean shining glossy gold Yeah,

Glitch  21:42  
yeah, I remember blowing into it, you know, after playing it for long hours and putting it back in because you know it froze. I was wave through the first, you know, trying to get my, maybe I had just gotten the blue sword. Do you remember the blue sword that allowed you to like, hit, hit your enemies faster.

Tox  22:02  
Yeah you know this game actually is one that I never played, even in any substantial way I've at least started every Zelda game, but the oldest Zelda game that I played properly was linked to the past. So, I actually never played this one through and I know it's sitting there on my NAS app on my switch just waiting for me. I'm gonna have to play it, especially after all the fun facts that I looked up.

Glitch  22:29  
Oh yeah, it's, I mean it's a lot of fun and it's one of those games that introduced me to gaming. But you know it'll, it'll always be a part of who I am, while I haven't played many of the Legend of Zelda games. After this, I think I want to say I actually took a break from Zelda, after playing this until Breath of the Wild, I don't, I don't think I played as well, no, I played.

Unknown Speaker  22:54  
What was the one on GameCube.

Tox  23:00  
The Windwaker or Twilight Princess. It was one of those. Yeah. Twilight Princess was awesome. One of my favorite it's I think it's a sleeper sleeper hit, and obviously when. See, that's the thing about these games. They're all so good. And the most recent game to be released is a remake of Skyward Sword. On the way we you and that's the top selling game in the US this week, and same in the UK for a recent month. It's why Legend of Zelda as a franchise is wildly popular. And this was the original entry. So I grabbed the synopsis off of Wikipedia because I think it sums it up perfectly in case you somehow don't know, a small kingdom in the land of Hyrule is engulfed by chaos when an army led by Gannon, the Prince of Darkness invaded and stole the Triforce of Power, one part of a magical artifact which alone bestows great strength. And I think that's so classic right like in all the incarnations. The Legend of Zelda games have gone through is such a common theme right again in Ganondorf cloud bond stare Triforce, again it's always after the Triforce of Power, right, and Zelda has the Triforce of Wisdom, the other piece of the Triforce That's wisdom, and you know I guess implicitly I don't know if it's ever explicit except maybe you're not gonna have time, blink, is the courage, angle of that triangle. It's just so it's so classic, and it's interesting to see how those themes have been repeated across all these Zelda games over the years.

Glitch  24:45  
Now I'm looking forward to the next one.

Tox  24:48  
Everyone's looking for I mean, I almost didn't mention it because it's it's it's sort of the obvious Breath of the Wild, arguably the best Nintendo game ever made is getting its sequel sometime next year Breath of the Wild too, and everyone I think is anxiously awaiting that we've seen some teaser footage where gameplay looks pretty similar. There's some new locales, things are floating in the sky for some reason, we did our little take on that, when we got the preview during a three glitch I have some fun facts about the Legend of Zelda if you want to hear them.

Glitch  25:24  
I would love to.

Tox  25:26  
Okay so, fun fact, number one, I grabbed some of these from a website called Mental Floss. But they're great, and I've read a lot of these in, in different sources as well. So Nintendo apparently thought it was too complex for American audiences. The game originally released for the Famicom Disk System in Japan sort of the Japanese version of the NDS with. I think the Disk System was a slightly different, like attachment. It's kind of interesting in Japan, Nintendo is Japanese company obviously, they sort of tried out a bunch of different peripherals for any essence Super Nintendo as well. Did you know Super Nintendo had a CD drive that went with it. I didn't know what yeah and most people don't because not all in the US anyways because it wasn't hugely successful and, and some of that stuff didn't make it over here. But, regardless. Legend of Zelda came out for the NDS for the Japanese and yes, in 1986, and so they had some feedback from Japanese gamers already. And for whatever reason, they thought, when the US lodge hit that it, they were worried it would be too complicated so they established a help hotline that you could call and ask for tips, not just about Zelda but about any other Nintendo game that you happen to be playing at that time, of course, there were a lot fewer back then.

Glitch  26:55  
And what are you talking about the Mario tip line.

Tox  27:00  
Nobody was called but yeah I definitely remember this thing, like from my childhood.

Glitch  27:06  
I called it, I've called it before, like, I think it was actually Mario, I wanted to know how many levels they were, There were and they wouldn't tell me.

Tox  27:18  
Yeah, sounds adorable.

Glitch  27:21  
So, yeah, I called I was like I was, I mean it was a little kid back then and I called. I had just gotten through I think the my third playthrough, and I mean, you know, you had to like leave the TV on.

Tox  27:34  
Yeah, you could just not saving and Mario.

Glitch  27:36  
There's no saving so like I know the first playthrough is normal playthrough, the second playthrough they replace the all the turtles with the hard shells, I think, right, or all the goombas with the hard shells.

Tox  27:48  
Yeah so I read about this because I've never done it myself but you get a harder mode when you finish the game first round. Yeah around. Yeah,

Glitch  27:58  
yep. So, I've, I've played it, I was three levels in, and I wanted to know you know how many times did I need to beat this game to get the final ending, and they actually would not tell me, hilarious.

Tox  28:13  
I love that. Yeah. Yeah. And this obviously was something that grew in popularity and became a dedicated service that you pay for the one 900 Number, if anyone remembers what those were. And it's, I used to see advertised and Nintendo Power, all the time so as a really fun little tidbit that it started with The Legend of Zelda. Another sort of related aspect if you purchase the game, and filled out the warranty card, which I think it's hilarious that video games had warranty cards right like your toaster or refrigerator has a warranty card but your video game, sending the warranty card, give them your address and whatnot, they would send you a fun club newsletter from Nintendo of America. And that thing grew in popularity as the number of subscribers grew and that turned into the Nintendo Power magazine, which I subscribed to as a kid. Sadly no longer allow around in magazine form, but is now a podcast. So there's that. Yeah, I have so it was great so many of these just so I'm going to. Let's go, move on to something else and I'll come back I'll drop another fun fact on you later.

Glitch  29:31  
Well actually, I used to have a collection of those. Oh, I wish I still had them I bet they'd be worth tons of money. Those, those warrantied Nintendo Power cards that you would get with like the latest news and stuff and what's going on in Nintendo before name. But is it the Nintendo Power magazine. Was it called before Nintendo Power,

Tox  29:55  
says the Fun Club newsletter.

Glitch  29:57  
Yes, yep. The Fun Club newsletter. Yep, I had a couple of those. I should have kept them,

Tox  30:03  
that you should have kept for sure. I, on the, it might be archived on the internet archives I found, basically every Nintendo Power issue on the Internet Archive, and I read through the first one I think it was detailing strategies for Super Mario Brothers too. And it was a blast, blast from the past. Oh,

Glitch  30:26  
let's see, what else do we have as far as history goes talks.

Tox  30:30  
So many things. I got through my, my honorable mentions real quick, Crono trigger is Super Nintendo, in 1995, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater two in 2001 I know we already talked a lot about Tony Hawk's Pro Skater in a previous episode, Dan won't rehash it all but awesome game, and also recently remade for the PC, and then released on the switch as well as PS five and all those other great platforms. And yeah Brain Age two in 2007 I picked this one out because I actually, when I was, I guess in high school or something, or, you know, I guess around the first Brain Age came out, my mom saw it, and you know she's always bought me, video games, like grown up being my mom and did against being something I was interested in. So she was really nice and, you know, bought me a bunch of video games, and she expressed interest in Brain Age because she was like, hey you know I feel like I want to keep my brain sharp as I get older and I heard about this thing, it was all over the news I think because it was one of those Nintendo games that was different, you know it's not another shooter it's not another puzzler. This is gives you a number. If you take a test, it gives you a number that says how old quote unquote your brain is the younger brain I guess is better, and you do exercises to get better at those tests and ultimately improve your, your brain function and so I actually gifted my mom a Nintendo DS, and a copy of Brain Age. For her birthday one year and that was kind of a funny role reversal, for me to give my parents, a video game. Oh, that's great. Yeah, I love it. What do you like from the past.

Glitch  32:20  
What do I like from the past. Well, my big piece is the Witcher three released actually on August, 17 2015. So, that's one of those games that changed how change kind of like the future of gaming from 2015 forward it changed how those types of games are made, implemented a lot of new things in The Witcher three, a lot of previous role playing games. This is a small thing, but did you know you couldn't jump.

Tox  32:56  
I mean I played, you can't jump on your own. I guess that's true.

Glitch  33:02  
Yeah a lot a lot of role playing games you couldn't jump

Tox  33:09  
make moves and items and equipment you're not supposed to jump

Glitch  33:13  
right so world traversal, you know, if you were trying to get around the world you want to do explore there was something cool that you wanted to see especially if you're playing games like, say, to the Old Republic or something like that. I think even Dragon Age Origins The the older Dragon Age games. You had to like navigate, and then find some place that would allow you to jump.

Tox  33:39  
I have a counter example often. Yep. Super Mario RPG for Mario after that, jumping, was definitely a thing in the overworld.

Glitch  33:49  
Yeah, so there you go, you had to be prompted to be jumped. So,

Tox  33:54  
whenever you want. It's a precursor, so really the Witcher three borrows heavily from Paper Mario

Glitch  34:03  
from paper, so you can jump,

Tox  34:06  
but most most RPGs you catch up and now it seems like more common.

Glitch  34:11  
Yep. So I think the Witcher three the Paper Mario those games helped popularized something as small as jumping in an RPG, though. For that,

Tox  34:24  
there's thunder, but my jokes me, it's not a traditional RPG either I mean I think the Witcher three is much more. I mean you never jump in a Final Fantasy game, even in Xeno blade which I just finished, you jump, you if you've run off a ledge, your character will jump, but that doesn't really help you get anywhere new. No,

Glitch  34:46  
it will help you die though sometimes

Tox  34:49  
I like to jump into water. Oh, yeah,

Glitch  34:52  
yeah, yes cliff diving, especially on that one beautiful level where the, where it's nighttime reading style Yeah, yeah, I love it.

Unknown Speaker  35:02  
What is it called,

Tox  35:03  
I remember the first time I went into that level it's, I think. Yeah, you start off as in the night cycle and everything is bioluminescence like blues and greens and, yeah, it's great. But yeah, The Witcher three is a game. Another game that I missed, and I have actually now in my Steam library. It's just waiting for me to boot it up and to play, and I can't wait to experience it because every time we talk about it, I learned something new about how foundational it was as a game and how much fun and and interesting, it was, of course, Witcher three was made by same folks CD Projekt RED that made what you might call it cyberpunk 2077 infamous game that we've discussed a few times, and I think despite its flaws, it's also really amazing game. In that same sort of genre.

Glitch  35:57  
I mean, there's so much that you can do in The Witcher three as well they give you a lot of freedom to explore the world and your decisions. So, you know a lot of games say that your decisions, ultimately impact the outcome of the game and how other people respond to you think the Witcher three is one of those games where they really take that to the next level. I'll give you a quick for instance this is this, if you've never played this game this is potentially be a spoiler. So just fast forward for a couple of seconds, played the game, man, I just

Tox  36:34  
got to hear it. Okay, I'm gonna stop listening, Go for it.

Glitch  36:37  
All right. All right, so there are livestock in the game, if you, if you go through and you decide to butcher a whole bunch of livestock, this, this massive monster so the Witcher is, is a Monster Hunter, right. And if you, if you just, you're feeling crazy and decide you want to go out and butcher a bunch of cows or something. This giant monster is, I think he's called like the protector of cattle or something comes out and he, he will actively attack you. So,

Tox  37:11  
yeah, protect your cattle. Oh yeah. The cow King in Diablo two in the bonus level.

Glitch  37:19  
Yeah and action. And I mean honestly, it could be the fact that Witcher three maybe paying homage to that. There's so many different things that they, they pay homage homage homage, who am I. They pay homage to. I don't know how to say that word,

Tox  37:40  
I guess. Oh my gosh. French word. Yeah so much we're not French. So, how many right I'm by me.

Glitch  37:46  
How much. So, there's, there's all kinds of stuff in there if you've played other games, you'll see little bits of the mentioned in this game, it's, it's really great. And the DLC is absolutely incredible, the worlds that they've created for the DLC, especially for Hearthstone, the countryside and the house that you get is simply brilliant.

Tox  38:15  
Brilliant. Wow,

Glitch  38:16  
yeah so I know Xeno blades is a beautiful game. The Witcher three you know a game that's all about hunting monsters. I didn't think they would spend a lot of time on creating a scenic environment. But I'll tell you what the. Wow, just wow the, the DLC is absolutely beautiful.

Tox  38:37  
Sir, I think I got that in my Witcher three pack so I guess I'm gonna have to take a vacation, and do nothing but play The Witcher three for the next week 200 hours later,

Glitch  38:50  
I do have. And let's see, I do have I think one honorable mention. Back in 1998, Westwood Studios. They, the studio responsible for command and conquer the whole franchise purchased by EA. Now, now we don't have any more Command and Conquer game.

Tox  39:11  
Yeah, a video game, consolidation and its finest. And EA I almost, I wanted to, I almost wanted to work for EA. When I was in college, and I had was like, oh, video games, ea, ea is, I think, based in Chicago, which is close to where I went to school and I was like, Hey, that sounds great. Video games are awesome, but I heard so many horror stories about the actual work that goes into programming for video games, and I went a different route, and based on sort of the things that I've heard recently and the stories that people have told books people have written about the consolidation in the video game industry. It sounds pretty rough. But yeah,

Glitch  39:57  
so I actually grew up in the, I was born and raised basically in the DC area, and one of my good friends actually worked for Bethesda gaming, which is just outside of DC. And he said, you know, especially, then this was, this was a number of years ago kind of back in the start of all this, you know, the big push for gaming, and the deadlines and everything he was always super stressed, he did not stay at this as a very long, I'll tell you that.