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Ep14 Gamescom Wrap

September 02, 2021 Episode 14
Morning XP Boost
Ep14 Gamescom Wrap
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This week on MXPB, we’ve got a wrap on the best of Gamescom.

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This week on MXPB, Tox is flying solo so watch out. Plus, we've got a wrap up the best of games comm. Don't you dare move and MXPB starts now.

Hello and welcome to the Morning xp boost, where your hosts talks and talks. Just kidding, it's just me this week while glitch is out on vacation, getting some much needed r&r But don't worry, the men about town will be back with us next week, and until then, I'm just gonna see how this goes solo. Yeah, it'll be totally fine. I've got my sound effects, and my sound board. It's not gonna be awkward at all. So, this week I'm going to talk about some history, like we normally do, and instead of news we're going to have an extended sort of news segment, to talk about games calm and kind of like a wrap, about what we saw at Gamescom One Night Live, and some of the games comm events that followed that some interesting stuff. So if you're ready, I'm ready, so let's do some history. All right, so this week in 1992 for Super Nintendo in the US, Super Mario Kart was released, we talked about Super Mario Kart last week because last week was the Japanese release date, so I won't go into it too much this time, but awesome game set precedent for an awesome series, I think it's worth noting twice in 1995 on the PlayStation September 4 NBA Jam Tournament Edition was released and I think we've discussed this a little bit in the past before but I played this game extensively on the Super Nintendo platform that PlayStation but yeah close enough. And, yeah, this game is awesome it's, you might be able to infer from the title, a basketball game and be a, you know, franchising licensing, what have you. So you've got players with their real names, and some stats that, yeah, I don't know if maybe roughly reflect their abilities in 1995. You play to v2, games, and of course you can play against a friend, or with a friend. You can control, you know, if you're playing by yourself you control the two players who sort of switch between them. And you, you know, take jump shots do layups or you know Slam Dunk from half court because that was the best part about these games was the good there were hotspots that would pop up on the floor. You could hit them for extra points if you made a bunch of shots in a row, you'd catch on fire and then the ball would incinerate the net as it goes through and I think you think you can't miss when you're on fire and so as a result, if you go and run and like try to do a dunk, you can basically Dunk from anywhere shorter, and they'll have court or closer. And then I think there are hotspots to let you dunk from where the hotspots are so you could basically do a full court dunk. And of course do multiple spins and flips in the process, and it was just such an awesome one of those really awesome arcade sports games like we were talking about last week or the week before, in the, in the vein of Mario Tennis Mario Golf arcade sports take, you know the best games take the fundamental gameplay element of the sport and translate it into a video game, that's fun and something that you want to come back to over and over again. So that, that was definitely NBA Jam Tournament Edition for me.

So then in 1996, also on the PlayStation we had Crash Bandicoot. I never played this game too much but I think it's worth noting because kind of the start of a franchise that is with us, you know to this day. The crash has a racing game as well as this sort of more traditional or adventure platforming game. So that's an awesome one. If you're not familiar with it. Maybe check it out. And then in 1998, we had a couple of good entries for Nintendo 64 We had Bomber Man hero, which was, I think is to date the only Bomber Man game have ever really played it had an awesome multiplayer mode. And I tell you there's nothing quite so satisfying as a bomb, destroying stuff, And that's basically what Bomber Man is all about so definitely remember that one fondly that was on September 1 1998. And then in 1998 as well on September 3 for the PlayStation. We had a Japanese release of Metal Gear Solid, and Metal Gear Solid is a game that I didn't play myself but I watched one of my friends play this when I was a kid, for many hours. And I can even though I didn't really play the game myself, I have that alert noise just sort of burned into my memory that kind of like, well, but I can't do it. That noise though when, when you get detected right because this game is all about, you're kind of like a spy sort of covert agent, and you're infiltrating these different areas and you're sneaking around corners you're trying to avoid the gaze of the guards that are patrolling and you're doing sort of stealth takedowns, as well as some more like upfront action. But I think the crux of the game is really about being sneaky and sneaky games, oh man, they give me so much anxiety I just, my heart starts thumping, if I if I have to like sneaking around anybody or risk being detected, you know any like in breathable while they can remember being in the visa clan hideout and you just had to kind of sneak around the corner and not get caught by the user and oh my gosh that was hard yiga clan sorry, and Metal Gear Solid is sort of same kind of gameplay, for sure. And yeah, so it. It's something that I enjoy, but it definitely makes me squirm. And again, sort of the start of another great franchise, that's had many games since then. And then in 1999, this time for the PlayStation, but one of my all time favorite games that I know I've talked about a bunch of times already. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, the original number one. On August 31 in 1999 for PlayStation, and this one, you know, I've talked about it before as I won't rehash it but it's interesting because, fast forward 21 years. In, on September, 4 and 2020, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater one and two releases on the PlayStation four and Xbox One. And now, this game some many sequels, beyond one and two. But I think one and two are sort of widely regarded as, you know, they were their original, they were the most original they were sort of the most core most core to the gameplay. Man, I think the other sequels that get some criticism for, for being not quite as as interesting. But, one and two for sure, are definitely awesome games and I recently got the, you know, the remake of one and two for the Nintendo Switch, which was just released this year for the switch it switched, you know, I'm glad I didn't expect a switch to get it I when I saw this was released, you know, or announced for ps4 Xbox and I think also PC. I really strongly debated getting it for one of those platforms, even though I don't play them nearly as much as the switch and I'm really glad that I waited because thankfully games use the Unreal Engine, which is super scalable and the developers took the time to make it work on the switch hardware, which is a little bit less powerful than these other consoles,

and I'm playing it and it's awesome. It takes everything that you love about the originals, it adds a layer of, you know, sort of gaining experience points leveling up there's items legislated either in game item shop that just has a bajillion different, you know, designs for your board, you have clothing hats logos that you can stamp on your clothing and hats and challenges. The challenges actually have been really helpful. There's a tutorial mode which kind of reminds you how to play and, and, you know, when I played this game as a kid I just cannot press the buttons, I'm sure I looked at maybe some instructions but it is this remake incorporates I think some of the moves and techniques that later games, introduced and so there's more there to begin with, and the game does a really good job of putting it in front of your face like you get that tutorial where it kind of lays out, this is how you do this, now go do it and then you move on to the next thing, but also the challenges that you're sort of, You know, you get points for and the points you use to get more stuff so who doesn't love completing challenges like that, they encourage you to do different kinds of tricks you know it'll be like, do this specific combo right and air grab, followed by a kickflip, followed by a switch, followed by grind something like that. And, and that's really, you know, kind of show you how you can rack up those huge, you know, 10s of 1000s If not 100,000 Point combos in a single go by chaining together those tricks. And anyways, I could talk about this game probably for another half an hour because it's just so much fun, but I'll leave it there. Great game, remakes came out in 2020 original 1999. One more game that I was super obsessed with, in the same era of the year 2000 was Pokemon Puzzle League for the Nintendo 64 which came out on September 1. And this game. The gameplay is not original at all, it's one of these tile matching games you match colors. So you you match the colors of the title, tiles, they also have shapes, which is a nice little accessibility feature for those who can't distinguish colors very well, and you try to make, you know, try to match as many as you can. If you get three, you sort of get, that's kind of, you can clear the three tiles but if you get four or five, you generate garbage that gets sent to your opposing player, which is either another person who's playing sitting next to you or a computer AI foe, and everything. And so this is sort of a common game I play it actually a lot with my wife right now, the Super Nintendo version of this which is just sort of generic characters cartoon characters. But the same core gameplay. This however Pokemon Puzzle League adds Pokemon characters to it so every time you're sending garbage to your, to your friend who's playing next to you, you're getting a little like probably world sort of, you know annoying Pokemon sound and, And that's part of the fun of the game is just those sounds that sort of happen over and over again and you know you know it means that there's impending garbage and perhaps impending doom coming your way when you hear the otherwise innocuous sound of a poly world's cry, coming from his game I played this game for hours and it did add a little twist to the genre, were introduced a 3d version, where basically you had the same sort of screen, but it kind of, you could rotate it around in sort of like a cylinder shape so you basically just had more of it, that you had to sort of manage on, on, on, you know, in the blank access by rotating it around so it and you can kind of see in the background if the if the back was, was getting higher and then you'd have to switch around to the back and do it. The original is is is enough of a challenge for me, I did dabble too much in the 3d version that makes my head hurt. On top of all the annoying Pokemon sounds so mad so much good stuff this week in history, just a couple other ones I wanted to note. Guitar Hero five in 2009 You know who hasn't played guitar hero, if you're of a certain age, you played that all the time with your friends. And then Divinity Original Sin. Definitive Edition in 2018, which is an awesome cross platform game with cross platform. Multiplayer that never played of meaning to check out but definitely worth an honorable mention. Oh, I'm out of breath. How about you, so I think that about does it for history. And now let's move on to our feature presentation. Okay, I'm going to give your ears a little, little rest for my voice. Here you go. That was it, rest over so

games calm. We talked about this a little bit last week, you know, typically record on a Tuesday or Wednesday and then released episode on a Thursday so the timing was, this was just sort of happening as our episode released and so we had a little bit of a preview. But then since then, of course, you know, we've watched the, the One Night Live, sort of keynote presentation about two and a half hours. And that was really fun. Actually, I got to be honest I had, I'd never heard of Gamescom, before this year before last week, really. And I think it's a fairly new, it sounds like it's only been around for a few years and maybe it's related to these game awards. I have thoughts about the awards segment of games con which I was sharing a little bit. It is, you know, basically a showcase for upcoming and recently released video games and some of the stuff, you know, they had a little staying before every, everything they showed that was a world premiere. Some of this stuff I hadn't seen before. Some of it was new. So I just wanted to sort of give you my thoughts on the things that stood out to me in Gamescom because there was a lot I think as we mentioned there were over 30 games, just in this two hour presentation alone. Not all of them are brand spanking new, but I got to say, the hosts the hosts and the format of the show did a really good job of getting me all hyped up for all these games, so I'm going to try to get you equally hyped, let's see how that goes. So, first game that really stood out to me because I'm a basic Marvel fan is Marvel midnight suns, and I love, I absolutely adore the Marvel Universe comics, the cinematic universe. Spider Man, video games, I gotta say I haven't played many of the Avengers video games be kinda beat him up style that they have on the switch, nor the sort of triple A 3d action style Avengers game that it just got such bad reviews I haven't haven't drawn myself to even buy it on sale for 20 bucks. I don't think I will, because it's a PC game I don't really I don't I play a lot fewer PC games, but Marvel Midnight's sons is coming from the developers of the popular XCOM series so we didn't really get a feel for gameplay they interviewed one of the developers, game designers, and so it sounds like it's going to be this sort of tactical style gameplay, but the trailer the cinematic trailer that they showed off, definitely showed familiar characters Dr Strange Wolverine. Wolverine love Wolverine magic. An X Men character who has sort of dark arts magic type powers, kept Captain America, Iron Man and Captain Marvel, as well as a bunch of others, and a new hero that developers of this game are introducing which is who you play as, And you sort of play as this new hero, and you kind of, it sounds like you're going to sort of manage this other cast of familiar heroes in maybe an RPG style type of gameplay to help take down some big universal evil, which I think is your character's mom. Details are a little bit, you know, to be determined. We'll see what what what shakes out as but the trailer looks really cool. The characters are there, that style of gameplay could be really interesting. and I'm really really excited to see how that one shakes out so that was Marvel midnight suns nother game we saw that is probably no surprise to many people, a Call of Duty Vanguard. I am I am by no means a Call of Duty fan. Not to say that I don't like it but I just I just don't really play it, but this one seems pretty cool, as they discussed more about it, they had some folks on stage, really, you know, during the development for the game I think one of the voice actors for one of the characters. And these are IVs basically they, you know this one is set in World War Two, as some of them, you know, different Call of Duty games are set in different time periods, but this one specifically seems to showcase different characters based on true to life characters,

and characters and the roles they played in that war. Obviously, some creative license to make it a compelling video gaming compelling even more compelling story, but it sounds like they're not actually based off these real life characters which was really cool, and they showed off a one of those, you know, sort of experiences in a in a brief gameplay demo where you play as Paulina Petrova, who was a sniper. For the Russians and so that was a really cool sort of tidbit of history that I didn't really know before, I'm not sure if that's the real name, but based off a real, real character and you don't often think of women in particular of fighting in that war from World War Two because people, you know, it wasn't written about not that it didn't happen. So it's kind of cool that they're shining a light on that. And of course the trailer was awesome with tons of explosions, lots of sneaking around and killing people sort of sneaky Lee. And then, you know, just amazing visuals, and it was cool because it was one of these games that I think was running on the PlayStation five is the foot gameplay footage that they showed. And it's been really exciting recently I think just in general to see different games and they're showcasing the PlayStation five capabilities, and the next gen console casted capabilities in general, you know is going to take a few years before we have a bunch of games that are really pushing the limits of these next gen consoles and so we're sort of in that lead up to it now and Call of Duty Vanguards looks like it's a big step forward. So I'm really excited to see where that goes. Some more games that came out so one of the cool things that happens sort of in the middle of they had a musical performance, and the performer was, you know, doing a song sort of inspired by or as part of the tales of a rise game. So if you're not familiar with the Tales of series, it's a, it's a series of sort of fantasy style RPG games that has been around, I think they're celebrating their 25th anniversary, and they announced the mobile game called Tales of lumen luminaria at Gamescom, this past week. But, and they showed some gameplay footage of it, but the song is from Tales of a rise, which by the way is coming out soon and looks like a really fun game. I have time to play another RPG I've definitely going to check this one out. It's an action style RPG so not quite a seamless transition from overworld to battle it looks like there's a small transition screen, but, you know, you sort of do your attacks in real time and you're positioning and you're aiming and stuff. As you sort of regenerate your new attacks and you choose from different attacks and stuff so I really like that style of RPG where you still got this strategic element. But you've also got the tension that comes with sort of an action based, battle, battle thing but the cool thing was, so the musical performance was by Lindsey Stirling, who is a world renowned and super popular violinist, and I had never seen her perform before, and it was awesome. She's all decked out in the, in like, you know, in the characters sort of costume, and she's playing the violin and the violin looks awesome, but she's also doing this really great sort of interpretive dance while she's playing. It was just sort of an amazing, an amazing experience, I think, you know, if you haven't seen any clips of it, I definitely recommend looking it up and of course. She's a superstar her in her own right, and that was really cool that she was part of this, this event as well. Also really cool. Um Gamescom was never thought

I'd say these two words in the same sentence Microsoft and really cool but Microsoft announced or sort of reiterated their x cloud service but specifically that you can games pat the game their Xbox Game Pass. Now as PC games on it so like PC only titles so you could always play Game Pass, you know on your PC and now you can play PC games with it, as well as the Xbox titles that they include with it, and they announced that series, Xbox series X Games that next gen Council Xbox games will be playable through the games pass, including on xbox one so you know this is a game streaming service so the actual logic of the game the rendering of the graphics is happening somewhere in the cloud and you're getting a super fast, you know connection to that fast enough so that your input goes there and back and you don't notice that you're playing on the cloud. Ideally, under ideal conditions. And so it's super cool that, you know, put your next gen console games in the cloud, and now it doesn't matter what you're playing on whether you even have the next gen console itself. You know you could be playing on an iPad or your PC and maybe that's a different experience but if you're sitting there with your previous gen or current gen console, and you're playing a next gen console game through games cloud. That's got to be really satisfying and and nice, nice on the wallet TOS you don't always have to shell out for that latest hardware. If your internet connection, and the whole system works well enough together. So, I think, Xbox is really carving or you know Microsoft Xbox they're really carving themselves out to be the best gaming streaming game streaming service and the one with the most games on the most platforms, really, really the best for the gamer and I'm, I'm excited to see where that goes, I, I personally tried out Playstations version of great game streaming just this past week, patient now, and I played a horizon zero dawn for a couple hours and I played half an hour of near automata because after half an hour, I died because I'm like okay it's still getting used to this game I didn't battle well enough I died and it kicked me all the way out to the title screen, slowly, I might add, and I had to start from scratch, and I have played for like half an hour, like, you know, there's a few cinematics, but like I had done stuff and collected stuff and level up and stuff and I'm like, oh this is this is this is this game I really wanted to play and now I'm kind of our on it. Anyways, that's neither here nor there except for the fact that I don't know if that is a side effect of playing it through the cloud if this save if the safe points are more limited, or if that's just how that game was unfortunately designed to make me never want to play it again. I'll try it again. Maybe I'm not bitter though. But, but PlayStation Now service worked well worked really well on near atomica, you know, my wife was doing something on her computer and I got a couple moments where it stuttered on both near and on Horizon Zero Dawn, if I sort of spun my character around fast enough to make things move quickly. You know, I could definitely spot some blockiness like that sort of JPEG style compression artifacts, you know, just like blocks instead of nice smooth transitions. But Horizon Zero Dawn, otherwise played flawlessly and I played that for two hours and I forgot that I was playing on a cloud service, and it looks great, a game has amazing visuals to begin with. So, you know, I'm hopeful for the game streaming, and I hope it gets better and better and I thought it was interesting too. That first like the loading screen for PlayStation Now you load up your game, it's like okay, you know, getting your game ready just hold tight. It's got a little loving screen that says, Hey, by the way, did you know you can download this game, and you'll get better performance and, you know, no lag and all this, and better graphics, and I just thought that was kind of a mixed message right like I got this game streaming service and now you're telling me you know you should really download the game, which started says that you know, it's just in its in its infancy, and I think it's cool that they have an option to also download the game, in case the service just doesn't work well, your internet is flaky or, let's be honest, it's the service right you can't rely on someone having a fiber optic, a fiber optic connection just to play your games he got to make it work for everyone, so I thought was cool that as they sort of worked out those kinks, you can download most of the games to on a limited basis and plan, and just have fun because that's what games are for having fun.

You know, I thought it would be hard to fill time by myself, but it turns out I like the sound of my voice, so I heard it oh and by the way Horizon Zero Dawn, getting a sequel horizon forbidden West that's not new, but they did kind of come up to come, the develop one of the developers did come on to our game. I don't know the title. Lead Game Designer game director came on to say that they're officially delayed till February 18 2022 for Horizon forbid and west, the sequel, which is good for me because I just started playing Zero Dawn so I can sort of get a feel for what that game is, and build the hype, until forbidden West comes out so you know, hopefully they're able to hold that date and I'm looking forward to that game too. All right, lightning round, if I can't do a lightning round. There's just too many good things. Okay, so cool game see foo, looks like a cool kung fu action fighting game, PC ps4 PS five Xbox. Check it out. Jurassic World evolution two I think glitch would like the one a lot, build a dinosaur park. Try not to let the dinosaurs escape dinosaurs do cool dinosaur stuff, it's just dinosaurs, I mean come on. Do you need more, just drastic world evolution do LEGO Star Wars Skywalker saga. So, this is super cool. It's a game that obviously has been announced before it's been delayed a lot, we haven't heard much about it for a year, but they showed a trailer trailer was hilarious. Perfect. In the LEGO Star Wars, you know, vain. So obviously you know Star Wars, everybody knows the Star Wars series there are nine movies, nine official sort of mainline movies, and then there's the two interim ones that we got in between episodes, six and seven, or, Oh God, four or five, six, in between episodes, seven and eight and eight and nine. I don't think those are included, but is sort of the first time you can play the full series in, you know, play scenes from all the other nine movies in a LEGO Star Wars game and if you're not familiar with the Lego X Games. It's, it's really fun they take movies like Star Wars, and they distilled them down and put Lego characters into the situation so it adds a really fun element of just kind of goofiness and and levity, as well as you know, taking you through those dramatic moments and they actually tend to do a really great job on the actual mechanics of the game, like, really fun action really playable, something that you just want to come back to, and they've been doing this for years, I actually, coincidentally, was digging through my garage and found a LEGO Star Wars game for the week that I had sitting out there in my garage. And then I realized that I also bought the LEGO Star Wars game. The Force Awakens on PlayStation four during the summer game sale this past summer so I'm definitely going to be playing that little bit until the Skywalker saga LEGO Star Wars game comes out in spring of 2022. Now another really cool game, I saw a sort of feature to some gameplay footage was midwinter. You are a basically you're a werewolf in a town and you're trying not to be caught, and so you're kind of it's kind of like a looks like it's like a top down kind of 2d game and you're walking around town you're sort of completing tasks and talking to people sort of RPG style, and it looks like you have the ability to sort of nudge the villagers into thinking that other villagers are perhaps the werewolf and so you kind of use your werewolf skills and your wit to try and cast suspicion onto other people and away from yourself. In addition, while you're still trying to complete a slew of Werewolf related tasks, and I thought it was just so awesome. It reminded me of one of my favorite board games, card games. Ultimate Werewolf One Night Ultimate Werewolf, where basically you have, you know, roles and you're one person's a werewolf or two people are werewolves and they try to eat the villagers. That's really fun sort of social deduction game, and this is like that, but in a video game so I'm really excited to see how that plays out. Next up, for me, I love Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo Switch was very underrepresented in games. COMM But aged Mutant Ninja Turtles shredders revenge is coming out for the switch and that had a spot in games comm where they revealed some new mechanics team attacks, so like your two characters were together to do an attack. They had a sort of extended gameplay footage trailer, which has awesome music and at the end of that

you saw, April O'Neil reviving one of the turtles, with a pizza so perhaps April O'Neil is a playable character which would be awesome, and it's a can revive, he's like, obviously pizza in these games, you know, you take hit damage you lose some health, the pizza, revise your health but if you you know, lose a life. Use a life you difficult, you don't get that back unless you, you get a certain amount of like points through progressing through the game, but it seems like the pizza, it could perhaps be used to revive characters and save you from losing that extra life so that's a cool mechanic. This is a game that's sort of in the style of those classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle arcade games like turtles. What really turtles two turtles three, you know sidescrolling play enemies can match you from both directions, you kind of, and you do your combos to sort of hit them. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. For Turtles in Time, I played that with one of my friends recently through a couple times, awesome game isn't the same style and it's got some beautiful pixel art, awesome music. Can't wait to play this one and just sort of reminisce on those ninja turtle glory days last three or four, five, are almost there. Don't worry, it's almost done. So, another game that was, that was really cool. They really interesting I didn't know anything about before dokay V it, I guess it was sort of announced a lot. A long time ago, a while ago as an MMO game like massively multiplayer online game, and it was re, whether they call it, re, re, re released or re previewed or something as a creature collecting game, which is, which is very different and creature collecting basically means Pokemon clone, but then they went on to show a trailer for this thing and I, I mean, I guess the we're creatures of the trailer and I guess they were paired with characters but like it didn't look like what I expected creature collecting game to look like there was skateboarding in line skating jet skis, there was like a bunch of, you know, cars, motorcycles, you're running around an open world, and running around towns on these different vehicles kind of doing cool tricks. There's a really infectious ear worm of a kpop song playing the whole time, it sounds really fun it's really colorful. There's, like, even the even a spot where it looks like, you know, the characters are fighting an enemy. Again, it doesn't really look like they're using their creatures to fight looks like they're fighting and the character has like a vacuum cleaner, and it's kind of sucking them up but it's like Luigis Mansion, it's like they took a bunch of different things I saw someone on the line, describe it as a TTA Baby's like Grand Theft Grand Theft Auto was like cutesy and stuff but I don't know it looks really fun. I kind of think it's gonna be something like if Splatoon met and Pokemon had a love child, then it might look something like this, because the music is awesome. The style is really cool, there's action, and apparently this creature collecting and management which didn't really come come through in the trailer but that's going to be an interesting one, I'm certainly interested to see what it ends up being if not actually playing it myself. A couple of quick mentions a dead mouse, or dead cow five, as he himself corrected everyone or you know clarified when he had his quick spot in Gamescom when that live, Releasing sort of a game where you can kind of hang out and sort of interact with concerts, you know obviously dead mouth five is a musician, really famous for that electronic music, super awesome pioneer in that space, and you we've all sort of seen the virtual concert efforts, you know fortnight has had a bunch. Some of them are, you know, they range from sort of full end game experiences to just kind of recordings. And, you know, demo five, I guess saw this opportunity to make something better. And the cool thing about it was he used a platform called core, which apparently seeks to sort of democratize democratize democratize, sort of, you know, basically building games is sort of like a game platform and you can sort of define the rules and have like a cool 3d game, and share that easily, so I thought it was a cool, cool sort of collaboration demo five, the core gaming platform, and who doesn't want to hang out and listen to some house music,

I mean come on. Also games calm is planting a forest, There was that, I don't know something about climate crisis something or other and carbon offsets, there's a forest. That's great. And then I, you, they talked a little bit about Far Cry six obviously the long awaited much anticipated sequel to Far Cry five and amazing series, super popular, the only takeaway I have from this that I care about is that the main character's name is Danny Rojas. And as someone who has watched a lot of Ted Lassa in the last two months. I can think about is Danny Rowe husband Ted Lascaux who's a super outgoing charismatic, very happy. Soccer player who likes to say his name a lot, and that is definitely not the character that's portrayed in Far Cry six, they just have the same name, and I honestly can't believe nobody else is talking about this, or at least that I'm aware of. Last but not least, quick gripe about games console games calm was awesome. They had sort of this awkward like awards segment where they kicked over to a different host who she was awesome in her own right, but just had a I think a really awkward sort of thing to present which was like some nominations that I guess people voted on beforehand, but you know I registered or pre registered or whatever for this event and expected to see in my inbox. Links to live events and then replays, I didn't get any of that I went to their website, sort of day or two after sort of most of the events I couldn't really get any interesting live replays half of them were like in German. So I think there's, there's some collaboration here between, you know, LA, where it was hosted this year and, and Germany where I think it physically is in in non pandemic years. And so it kind of is. So, whatever it is all kind of like confusing, but they have these boards, and they're like, best games of, you know, 2021 for PS five for Xbox and it was like, Okay. The nominees are like Halo, and, you know, some other games and Halo ends yay it's a kind of like, Alright, whatever. But the most egregious sort of example this was their worst for switch like okay we're gonna do press gay for 2021 tend to switch and the nominees are Mario plus Rabbids or just dad's 2020 Why the ad that was it, and they're both by Ubisoft, and it was like, okay I don't know what your criteria was clear and maybe they're just selecting people who were or developers studios that were attending games calm and obviously Nintendo is not. But I don't think you can rightfully say by any stretch of the imagination, no offense to Mario plus Rabbids that that is the best Nintendo Switch game of 2021, either to be released or released already this year when you've got games like Monster Hunter rise, Super Mario 3d World browsers fury, Mario Golf new Pokemon Snap and coming up. Why are you aware, get it together, Sonic Colors ultimate and Metroid dread I mean come on, edia does good single handedly. Yeah, beat Mario plus rabbits in in a popularity, or, or, or gameplay contest anyways that's my rant, that's my rant and, you know, believe it or not. I've spoken for way too long and if you're still listening to me. You've listened for just the right amount of time. Thank you for sticking with me as I fly solo this week. So that's it for this week, The man about town glitch himself will be back with me next week, and we will have more awesome game news in history and features to talk about. Until then, if you like the show, please remember to try and subscribe on your favorite podcast platform, feel free to leave us a review if you want, check out the social media yada yada yada. You know the drill. Thank you so much for joining us and we'll see you next week.