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Ep18 Nintendo Direct

September 30, 2021 MXPB Episode 18
Morning XP Boost
Ep18 Nintendo Direct
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This week on MXPB, we take a look at the latest Nintendo Direct!  Plus, controversy is afoot in the Fortnite community! 

Nintendo Direct: 

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Tox  0:04  
Hello and welcome to the Morning xp boost. We're your hosts tox and glitch, and we're here to give you the experience points you need to get through your week glitch, how are you?

Glitch  0:15  
 I'm fantastic How are you doing,

Tox  0:18  
doing great. I'm gonna throw you off this week by not trying to throw you off, when you think about that,

Glitch  0:23  

Tox  0:28  
success. So this week we're going to talk about mostly the Nintendo Direct, but we have a brief news item, as well as some related history so should we get to it.

Glitch  0:42  
Let's do it.

Tox  0:43  
All right, go ahead.

Glitch  0:45  
All right, so for our news fortnight was met with some backlash over the current seasons XP on Battle Pass progression, they severely reduced it. And this is actually going to be the shortest season of this particular chapter so we're in chapter two right now. Season seven or eight, eight, I think it's eight. The chapter ends in November. So it's incredibly short. And essentially if you were a, you know somebody who didn't play the game, all that much, maybe you dipped in an hour a day or an hour and a half every other day. There was no way you were going to be able to complete the Battle Pass that you paid for. So what you're going to have to do is purchase levels to complete your Battle Pass. There was a massive backlash from the community. As I mean that's not cool. So yeah, today's update today, which is Tuesday September 28 they released a patch which fixed XP progression, and they more than doubled it in some circumstances so you're going to definitely notice your your leveling now I actually played the game the first day it came out, I played about. I want to say two hours and I leveled up one time

Tox  2:08  
was too slow.

Glitch  2:11  

Tox  2:13  
So I'm really dilly dallying either you know no and you're, you're rocking it.

Glitch  2:18  
I get in there and I get sweaty, and yeah and we weren't. I wasn't able to progress at all for two hours, so that's a, that's tough. So I'm glad that they have listened to the community. Thankfully Epic Games You know I think they're, they're pretty, pretty solid company they do listen to the the fans and the players, and they've made that adjustment in this update today.

Tox  2:41  
Okay. Glad, glad they've realized the errors of their ways and fixed it.

Glitch  2:46  
Yes. Next up, I think we've got some history, don't we there talks.

Tox  2:51  
Let's do some history. So I'll cue it up I know we both have. I'm sure a ton of stories about this but in 1996, on September 29 The Nintendo 64 came out, along with two of its launch titles Pilotwings 64 and Super Mario 64

Glitch  3:12  
Do you, do you have real quick, do you have like a crowd cheering thing on your board because I feel like that, that needs to

Tox  3:22  
know. Oh, I'm gonna, I'll make a note crap class, I need more cheesy effects.

Glitch  3:29  
That would have been a perfect one because Nintendo 64 Yay.

Tox  3:35  
Yeah, but Nintendo 64 So like, you know, I was probably the most with the council I played the most as a kid. It was super popular it was for me the exact right age to get totally engrossed in it. And I remember the hype for this. It was so hyped and didn't disappoint but I remember reading about it in Nintendo Power in Toys R Us, there was like a demo station set up with a Nintendo 64 and the controller and Super Mario 64, and you know it's set up like I don't know a month before the release, I remember my parents were kind enough to preorder it with me or for me really because I don't have any money. And I remember just waiting for this thing and going to Toys R Us and playing the demo, and just being you know fascinated by using that joystick and running Mario in circles. And then of course, playing the excellent Super Mario game itself. What was your experience with this glitch.

Glitch  4:41  
I was like that kid on YouTube that was. Have you ever seen him where he's like unboxing the present just losing his mind. Yeah, so I received my Nintendo 64 For Christmas in 1996, the year that it came out, and I lost my marbles, and it was nuts. I think it was from the gaming elf or something like that is what my parents had written on the Santa.

Tox  5:12  
The gaming division of the

Glitch  5:13  
gaming division, yeah, of, of Santa Clauses gaming division. So I opened it up, and then, my mind was absolutely blown when I opened up a smaller package. And inside of it had Goldeneye double oh seven. I still remember the little rare logo in the corner, and James Bond, played by Pierce Brosnan at the time.

Tox  5:38  
So spawn just gonna say it.

Glitch  5:41  
Yeah, yeah,

Tox  5:42  
no one will agree with me,

Glitch  5:43  
just kind of staring. Staring at you on the cover of that it was like orange and yellow like box.

Tox  5:50  
See it he's holding the shoot, pp 77

Glitch  5:53  

Tox  5:56  
I believe it is doing that Charlie's Angel posts,

Glitch  5:59  
yes. Oh man. Yeah, that, that was my experience, I think, I think I didn't stop playing that game for probably a month straight.

Tox  6:08  
I don't blame you. Yeah, that's such an amazing platform, so many great games In 1996, that was 25 years ago, you can imagine. We're still young at heart. I think that leads us nicely into our feature presentation which is all about the Nintendo Direct. I like the pace that we've got going, we're just gonna, we save a lot of time to cover all the great things that happened in the Nintendo Direct.

Glitch  6:45  
Yeah, that which was a lot, a lot of great stuff was

Tox  6:49  
so much. I wanted to maybe highlight one sort of through line that I noticed, and then we'll talk about all the great stuff but. So, Nintendo, you know revealed some more details on it, some of its highly anticipated upcoming releases, which is, which is great, and a few surprises, which is also, I mean I thought they were great. We'll talk about those. But what stood out to me, among all this was the proliferation of remakes re releases, and of course the expanded Nintendo Switch online service, which adds Nintendo 64 and Sega games to, You know, those SNPs and NAS emulator options. And, you know, that together with the arcade archive remakes, like I said all these releases it feel like Nintendo is trying to position itself as the place to go to play classic games and to really archive those bits of of gaming history.

Glitch  7:55  
I am 6,000% on board with that too. It is a lot of percent, it really is. I am here for this, you know, Nintendo Switch is it's portable, it's a great system, and if I can go back and play games that were not portable in the past. Yeah, why would I, why wouldn't I go ahead and spend, especially you know, I think they're hitting the price points right too. Especially with. What is it, the Star Wars and O's Star Wars Republic Commando. I thought that that hit a great price point, they made some quality of life improvements on it I think that was Aspire as well who brought that to the Nintendo Switch. And it's a very solid title, so I'm really looking forward to the continuation of bringing ports and older games to the Nintendo Switch, like you said, it is becoming like a, like a library for just checking out great games,

Tox  8:53  
watch the first two episodes of foundation, this weekend so I'm thinking encyclopedia game lack tikka,

Glitch  9:02  
something like that. I love it. Yeah.

Tox  9:05  
Okay, so, yeah, details about the Nintendo Switch online expanded service are a little bit short, they didn't announce pricing, they did announce that it would be a different tier. so you can keep what you have, which allows you to play Nintendo games online as well as your Nintendo Switch games multiplayer online, as well as the Super Nintendo and regular Nintendo emulator games that they have. And then this expanded tier would add the N 64, and Sega games available, supposedly, in late October, which is really soon. I can't wait, and they showed four person online multiplayer, in the form of Starfox 64 One of my favorite get all these games are going to be my favorite games, but they showed you know Mario Kart 64 Mario Tennis, my first Mario Tennis game so much fun. Super Mario 64 aquamarine of time Yoshi story, and then they announced a few really popular games that will be coming soon, like Majoris mask. Banjo Kazooie and Paper Mario, and of course, Sega games, saw echoes swimming around the dolphin you see Sonic running around it, and controllers to boot, you know they did those NS and SNS controllers as part of a Nintendo Switch online you could order those and that kind of Bluetooth wireless, work with your switch and have that original form factor. And, yeah, they're bringing the three buttons Sega controller to the US, the six button one to Japan I don't know why they get the better controller but whatever, and classic Gray, Nintendo 64 Banana controller,

Glitch  10:44  
wireless, wireless, that's great.

Tox  10:50  
mean it's amazing right if you had these systems in their original form, being able to play them in this form, it's just mind blowing. Yeah, really exciting stuff. Um, so along that same line, you know, we've got an archive of Nintendo 64 and Sega games come to the switch. And we have a number of remakes and re releases announced as well, things along the lines of Castlevania Actraiser, and then the arcade archive series which releases arcade games that previously we're not really available on on consoles, or at least not originally in the form of Pac Man, and in the form of a shooter, called Xevious experience with these titles glitch,

Glitch  11:39  
man. Yeah, you know I played that on the, on the Atari. Actually, don't, don't, don't date me here. But yeah, I played retro Atari, but you got last year for your birthday. Yeah, yeah, that's what I mean. Well yeah, I played, I played a lot of Pac Man and asteroids as well. I think there's a couple additional titles that they've kind of thrown in there, or is that with the CVS.

Tox  12:04  
Yeah, I was kind of confusing I looked it up later and it looks like they're separate $8 idols. Okay man eight bucks Xevious eight bucks.

Glitch  12:15  
I saw I think maybe it's pac man that has a couple of additional titles thrown in with it, and a couple of those are ones that I played, so nice, excited for that to come out. I'm guessing that's going to be a digital only

Tox  12:28  
probably. Yeah, I don't think those got physical releases, I mean if they're only selling it for eight bucks that would probably not cover the cost of the packaging and shredding and stuff. Right, yeah. But it's nice to see those I've played a few of the art arcade games that they've ported to the switch via the sort of online service they have them on the NAS ports of the arcade games but they're really fun to just sort of check out right. They may not, they don't really hold my attention for like hours at a time and in this era when there's so much good stuff to play, but it's really cool to see where stuff came from, whereas some of these classic franchises originated and some of those gameplay mechanics in their first early nascent stages, which, of course, benefited from a lot of refinement but it's cool to see where they started.

Glitch  13:22  
And real quick, just going back to Nintendo Switch, online, did you see Pokemon Snap is gonna be in there as well. Yes,

Tox  13:31  
I played that so much. Yeah,

Glitch  13:34  
that gives me hope for a game that that I played a lot as well so I played, obviously played double oh seven, I played Starfox a lot actually played wind back quite a bit as well that was really fun. It gives me hope that maybe Pokemon was it called arena, comes back again stadium.

Come on stadium. Oh, that comes back, you might have to find a temporary co host for a couple of weeks. I might be

Tox  14:00  
to bring back the how to add the, the Gameboy emulation that everyone was hoping for, so that you can virtually hook up your pokemon red or blue or yellow or whatever into your virtual. I don't know what you call that slot at the back.

Glitch  14:19  
I remember that I, I mean, Could you imagine Pokemon Stadium with online play. Whoa, whoa, I've

Tox  14:27  
done a few Pokemon battles like there's Pokemon tech in on the switch, and never really caught my eye too much, but, yeah, Yeah, Pokemon Stadium Pokemon Snap was exciting, right, it's Pokemon Stadium Pokemon Snap or the first time we saw 3d Like rendered graphics for Pokemon and that was a really big deal. I'm super excited for Banjo Kazooie, because there are so many good rare, then in 64 games, double oh seven like we talked about, the one that I almost had in history for this week but I guess it's coming for next week but one of my all time favorite games Jet Force Gemini. Oh, which is like a third person adventure, actually, a third person shooter slash adventure game with the rare classic rare, like, you know, just finishing masterpiece element to it, but you're in space, you got space weapons you got a space dog on a bugs, pretty gory, actually, you know, and then 64 games,

Glitch  15:33  
believe it or not actually played that game, as well. That's ah, yeah, it was endure, remember your dog could like hover. Yes, like the dog can fly flying dogs playing space dogs.

Tox  15:47  
Yeah, well, that came out next week, so we'll talk about that, but it's a rare game Bedrich is always a rare game, I hope we get all that great rare IP, at some point and the N 64 library.

Glitch  16:02  
The name server port arc.

Tox  16:03  

Glitch  16:06  
come on. Yeah. And I think during the, the showcase they named a couple ports as well right but it'll be coming out soon.

Tox  16:14  
Yeah, so on my notes I've got Knights of the Old Republic, which we talked about in the PlayStation showcase. I'm guessing the switch is getting a port and not, not the full fidelity remake, since it's coming out on November 11 which is shortly. And then, Dying Light Platinum Edition. On October, 19, and then Dying Light to stay human cloud edition on February 4 Glitch, you gotta explain to me what the cloud edition is because I didn't really understand that part,

Glitch  16:47  
Well first off let's hope the dying lights to actually comes out on February 4 This has been a title that's gotten pushed back. I mean, I think we've talked about it in a previous podcast. Dying Light too has been pushed back quite a few times but I think this is actually kind of the, you know, they've talked about extending the life cycle of the Nintendo Switch and kind of redefining what a life cycle for a console looks like, and I think this is how they could do it, they brought out control while back for nintendo switch that is a brand new title, it's on the newest systems. It should not run on it's a no switch, so they, they did a cloud edition for it. I tested it and it ran beautifully. I got an hour or two hour test. And it was solid, I do have a performance router, and I do have a I think it's 500 byte. Does that sound right 500 gigabyte download megabit 500 megabit download 500 megabit upload is my, my speed rating. And if you have that it ran, absolutely seamlessly for me. So I am really excited that they can replicate this and continue to do what they did with control with dying like to, I mean you will have to of course be hooked up to an internet connection to play these titles, but these are these are titles that the only other way to play them is to own a current gen console. Be on your TV anyway so if you already own a Nintendo Switch and you want to play these titles without having to purchase the brand new Xbox or a PlayStation five gives you a great way to be able to do that.

Tox  18:33  
Good luck even finding a PlayStation.

Glitch  18:37  
We know the struggle there.

Tox  18:39  
I think it's makes, you know, some sense for developers who own those IPS on the next gen consoles to pursue this as well because they could potentially get the games in front of more customers

Glitch  18:54  
and to kind of talk about the, the Nintendo online, the new price plans, they, they kind of went right to ports, after the, after they talked about the pricing changes. I know that they didn't really, really hit too much on what those price plans are going to look like, but I have a feeling in my gut that this cloud service that that they're really I think gonna start pushing towards especially if they're able to kind of do what they did with control. I think that might be something we see wrapped up into the new pricing.

Tox  19:32  
Okay. Like, you need Nintendo Switch online to play Splatoon or something multiplayer now, maybe you need the expanded online version to play cloud games

Glitch  19:42  
yeah that's that's kind of where I think we might see it headed.

Tox  19:46  
Okay, yeah, I'm excited to see how this shakes out and check out control now that now that you've brought it up, and tested myself. Yeah, so lots of ports lots of remakes lots of good stuff. Let's talk about the new stuff. Should we be worried.

Glitch  20:05  
Oh yeah, Let's do it.

Tox  20:06  
So one quick thing that I thought was kind of funny was very few big announcements or at least one that everyone was hoping for, which was the final DLC character for Super Smash Brothers ultimate, and you know they chimed in to say, we're gonna have, you know, a separate direct presentation to reveal the title DLC character which is kind of in line what they've done for the other DLC characters but it's I'm sad to kind of weird to announce another presentation during their presentation, but on October 5 We'll get all the details there, and saccharine will play through the character and tell us how great it is. And everyone will be disappointed because they're picked didn't make the final very last DLC fighter.

Glitch  20:56  
Also, the setup for that was, was quite hilarious, you know they teased. Alright. You know we have a new Smash character joining. He is the final smash character, and then they like panned away and they had like a little trailer type thing and then they were like, reveal October fifth.

Tox  21:17  
Exactly, yeah, they, the Nintendo style humor throughout the direct is. It's unique. It is unique. So we'll get smashed direct and then an Animal Crossing direct to to announce new content that's coming in November. Perhaps it's Thanksgiving related, and they've added that yet.

Glitch  21:41  
So my fiance is a huge fan of Animal Crossing.

Tox  21:47  
Nice for that whole

Glitch  21:48  
time that we were kind of at home for a little while for some reason, that year. Animal Crossing became her job, like I'm talking. Every day first thing in the morning. Gotta water my flowers like this is my thing, like, you need to water this flowers gotta water my flowers, I've got to build a bridge, I got to pay off my loan,

Tox  22:10  
pay off that Tom Niccolo pay off.

Glitch  22:15  
Every single day she's in there and and still to this day, every day, she's like well I gotta go in and check with my villagers, make sure they're all doing okay.

Tox  22:24  
Once I'm afraid I'm afraid to go back to my island because I went, I took a long break like several months and I went back I talked to some of the villagers and they're like, Oh, looks like you haven't been here for like four months, where you been, huh. And I was just like, Oh man, I feel so bad I can't, I can't go back now. It's been too long.

Glitch  22:43  
Yeah, I I booted it up the other day just after this announcement, and I think my character had to shake bugs out of his hair so that was a little, you have our neck you're all disheveled and stuff. But the big announcement that everybody is super excited for for AC and H they did tease it a little bit, Brewster is coming to animal cross hang.

Tox  23:05  
Nice. tell me more about Bruce sir cuz i A cnh is New Horizons is my first Animal Crossing game so what was the significance was that mean

Glitch  23:15  
roosters got a cafe. I mean, it's Starbucks on Animal Crossings Island or, you know, Dunkin Donuts, whatever your flavor of coffee is, but darba are Animal Crossing is getting a Starbucks Animal Crossing is getting a cafe and Brewster is a well loved character. And it's exciting to see Brewster showing up on the island. I can't wait to see what else they're bringing with it does look like maybe fall will be coming to the island with this update. And I think that direct is going to be also in October, right I don't think they announced the date, but it's in October, later

Tox  23:55  
sometime in October, look forward to another presentation. That's something coming out sometime after October.

Glitch  24:03  
Okay. Yay.

Tox  24:07  
So, okay, the one of the first of many big things I can't even get it out,

Glitch  24:14  
no new titles,

Tox  24:16  
new titles oh my gosh Kirby and the Forgotten land 3d platforming Kirby adventure, holy cow bell time also. Yeah. About time. I remember reading an interview with the, with how labs or the Kirby developers in Nintendo life recently and they're like, Oh, what are your plans for Kirby going forward, they're like, Oh, we've got big plans but we can't say anything, it's like, yeah, sure you do but this looks like a big plan this. Looks like your Kirby, they showed Kirby floating around in what looks like sort of this, like, almost, I guess, remnants of abandoned structures from like some past civilization like something post human or post modern day or whatever. And he's floating around, doing the doing the Kirby thing sucking up different powers, I saw I spotted some link powers there, You know, Caribbean Smash Brothers sucks up link and gets the little green elf hat and a sword. Kirby definitely had this in this demo and they announced their first spring of 2022.

Glitch  25:22  
The cuteness factor in this game too like they, they know who the audience is going to be for this game and they are going after them, because they Yeah, the cuteness level was, you know 202

Tox  25:35  
Yeah, he has turned up to 11 Yeah, it's interesting to see, you know, but what kind of get it how it plays because I think, you know, my friend was saying he was playing some Kirby games with his kid, you know, young kid and so it's one of those franchises, or one of those games where, you know, could be your child's first gaming experience and bringing it to 3d platforming. I wonder what like difficulty level, they're, they're going to target or if it will scale or if it'll just be like, you know, super cute. Cuz I know what like Odyssey Super Mario Odyssey. They have things you can turn on, you can turn on like basically somebody will tell you where to go, something that will make it so you can't die. To kind of enable I think those younger players.

Glitch  26:25  
And I'd say, I think a lot of 3d platforming are turning into more of like collectathon style games like, I mean, the recent iteration of Mario, that's 100% a collectathon you know you've got stuff defined in each one of the cases that you go to an odyssey Spyro the Dragon collectathon Crash Bandicoot. And this, this looks like to be kind of Crash Bandicoot I would say is actually more of a 3d platformer because it is a defined route that you have. But, but this looks to be following kind of in Mario Spyro the dragons. Even there was another title ukulele. That's another good title that kind of falls in that, in line with that. And it looks like. This is kind of going to just replicate the success of that with the ultimate of cuteness, with the Kirby characters

Tox  27:20  
is, yeah, you can't have a 3d platformer without collecting something, I mean otherwise Why are you jumping on all those platforms. Come on, right. So, okay, so much to get through Monster Hunter rise son break DLC. They just teased this and then talked about it for a minute or so, they're promising new quests, new monsters and new ranks, which I didn't quite understand because currently your multiplayer Hunter rank is unlocked, up to 999 I think I'm like, 21. So that's, that's a long grind it. I love Monster Hunter rise, I played it for almost 70 hours which is a lot for me, and I'm looking forward to open it up again and unexperienced to the new content.

Glitch  28:11  
And then we have. And then

Tox  28:16  
the moment new worlds, where crispbread is Mario,

Glitch  28:21  
the moment you've all been waiting for. Yeah, a new Mario movie was announced, man.

Tox  28:28  
I mean I had heard about the Mario movie that's in the works with Insomniac, or sorry, with imagination, got my eye studios mixed up. Good, so it's, you know, I guess that means it's a 3d animated movie, but I did not expect to hear anything about it, in this direct I did not expect to see zero footage of it but just get the cast members revealed and leave that to your imagination. So, yeah. Wow,

Glitch  29:00  
so you've got, what, Chris Pratt is Mario. Yeah, nslm, Chris. Anna Taylor joy is peach, Charlie Day, one of my No, yes, Charlie Day as Luigi. Jack Black is browser. Yeah, he can Michael Key is Toad,

Tox  29:20  
that I have 100% here for Keegan Michael Key is Toad I think that's gonna be hilarious, and then

Glitch  29:25  
they brought back we're gonna have Fred Armisen is Cranky Kong.

Tox  29:30  
There's some like Donkey Kong characters to said Seth Rogen is gonna be Donkey Kong.

Glitch  29:35  
This is gonna be wild, it's gonna be.

Tox  29:39  
I really want to see what it's like it sounds like nothing I could have imagined. And it sounds fun. Oh yeah, a lot of people are like, Oh my gosh, you're tainting Mario with all this like random stars and it's a cash grab or so I don't know, but we'll see when it comes out but remember what I'm saying is, is one of my favorites I think he makes a good cranky con

Glitch  29:59  
i mean remember that time they made that live action movie with John Leguizamo,

Tox  30:04  
it's one of my favorite movies, so I need to remake. Yeah, maybe I'm not the, maybe not the best movie critic, but I love it, and I think I'll probably love this movie.

Glitch  30:16  
If it's in theaters, I'm definitely going to see this one in theaters, that's fine. I can't wait.

Tox  30:22  
Holiday 2022 So, you can. Yeah, you can practice your, your waiting

Glitch  30:30  
to while other game that they announced I know you're really excited for this one. Oh yeah I can't hold it in

Tox  30:37  
Splatoon three so obviously they've announced Splatoon three before and even showed some trailers teasers for it, but we got a good longer look at the gameplay. We got some from the squid labs or whatever we got, you know, that get Nintendo humor, someone coming up, reporting on the quote unquote research about this new Splatoon environment. And so we got some details about the actual gameplay, you know, therefore, they sort of showed some gameplay about turf war which looks the same, except some new weapons. I spotted, like a bow and arrow, some kind of like mech, that, like a large mech. And then like some kind of grappling hook, so some new main weapons some new secondary weapons that looks like a great music, great style, they showcased a sort of like high rise apartment style, you know, arena for one of the stages for turf war, and they described the campaign a little bit as return of the mammalian. So I guess the quote was funny was like, in a world where all mammals, except for two cats have disappeared. You've got splitsville a city of chaos. The two cats are whenever you finish a match, you've got the big cat and the little cat, and, and the big cat points for the winner and the little cat cries. It's random. It's fun. It's got all the Splatoon vibes got some new stuff. I'm really looking forward to it.

Glitch  32:14  
I'm excited to play this one I know you're forcing me to, to make the purchase, so that we can play it together so I'm looking forward to playing this one with you as well. Then a quick couple quick honorable mentions during the, the Nintendo Direct. We have, you know, obviously it was a it was a pretty lengthy direct call is it about an hour long, blah I think yeah, it was long and fantastic though. Yeah, Bayonetta three there. They've got a release date for that, it's going to release in 2022, they've added some new some new kind of like game mechanics, it looks like you're actually going to be able to transform into print characters.

Tox  32:58  
I think this is, I think this is a really hyped Title I think a lot of people are waiting for it, I'm kind of in the same camp I haven't really played the series before, but, you know, we saw some of these characters in Smash DLC. So I think that helped build the hype and the gameplay looks really fun, you know, You basically you cast magic spells. You, you, you have this sort of action style combat but then you kind of have a mode where I guess you'd like a witch and you kind of switch to this frozen time mode where you can kind of take your more take your time and cast spells and do those big combos and stuff and it sounds like Bayonetta three carries that forward. And they have kind of a funny trailer, like you said with funny dancing. It looks super fun night. I can't wait to try it out, maybe I'll pick up Bayonetta two, which is available on the switch, and get ready for it.

Glitch  33:51  
I was, I was actually thinking the same thing, and if you're listening, and you follow us on any of the social media accounts that we have Facebook or Twitter, hidden in the comments, just tell us what you like about Bayonetta if you're a band net a player, and you play it. What's great about it tell us

Tox  34:12  
educate us about the world of Bayonetta, Mario Golf updates, Koopa Troopa and Ninja, along with so as new players and some new courses triangles strategy, which I guess had been out on beta, and they kind of updated it based on user feedback which is cool to the strategy game from Square Enix, on March 4 2022 And then Hot Wheels on least, this is actually really fun, you kind of build like Hot Wheel style tracks like plastic, you know, Rails, make your loops and jumps and Hot Wheels cars and write them down, I would buy that.

Glitch  34:50  
Yeah, I think there's actually some gameplay footage up, I think, IGN might even have a little like demo or a roof, a preview. Okay and I want to saying that to sleep on this particular title if you're into racing games is, this is a pretty good one actually. Yeah,

Tox  35:09  
yeah. Other stuff Shadowrun trilogy Chocobo GP which is Mario Kart, but with Final Fantasy Chocos the sort of yellow ostrich like bird creatures. I'm not sure where that came from but maybe it's a precursor maybe we'll see the Final Fantasy seven remake come to this I don't know, I don't know what's going on there. Mario Party superstars to new, they really build some new maps. Voice of cards, the aisle dragon roars, this looks kind of cool actually, it's like a tabletop RPG card game. But, you know, ported to a video game format, and you have sort of turn based attacks you have cards and decks and dice rolls of, it looks like something I would totally play it at a board game night I'm curious to see it on the switch,

Glitch  36:01  
that's a, I feel like titles like this are gaining a lot of popularity, they actually released your. Did you ever watch The Witcher or play The Witcher, Video Games.

Tox  36:12  
Don't, don't out me like, Man, I'm working on it

Glitch  36:15  
so they actually released Gwynt the game from The Witcher. The game from The Witcher game.

Tox  36:22  
Wow, yeah okay nice, the game within the game.

Glitch  36:24  
Yeah game within the game. Yeah, and so you can actually play that and it's kind of like it. It's a tabletop game, and it's gained a lot of popularity I actually played it for a little while, I'm not good at those types of games I don't. Yeah. You know, I'm never good at like, I guess you have to collect the cards and build your deck and kind of like figure out what the other person's cards are and play your cards right, I don't play my cards right, I also don't know what I'm supposed to collect I have like a whole bunch of I guess level one cards, and I should have level five cards and

Tox  37:00  
it's a mess. Kid with with the Pokemon deck full of Rata does and pika choose,

Glitch  37:05  
that's me. Yep. Yeah 100%

Tox  37:09  
Nice. Disco Elysium Final Cut. This is a great game another, I guess we should put it in the rebase. A remasters and Hyrule Warriors age of calamity, the second DLC is coming out to play as poor and Robbie, add more stories. And as we forget i Metroid dread. So, this is coming out real soon. And we've already seen so many trailers i i didn't really have it as a highlight, but I'm super excited for it, you know, Nintendo life got their hands on it for 90 minutes and played it and said that it surpassed their already hyped expectations. So I yeah, I cannot wait to play Metroid dread.

Glitch  37:55  
It looks really clean. You know I got a chance to check the link that you sent over to me and it's a clean looking title. And, yeah, I would say it does in fact surpassed even what I thought this game was actually going to be, if it looks like, you know, just a classic old school sidescroller. Yeah, I mean that much more.

Tox  38:18  
It should be and it is, and I can't wait to try it out.

Glitch  38:23  
Yeah, same actually and I don't typically play side scrollers, at least not since the, you know, the 90s.

Tox  38:33  
We're gonna expand your horizons, this year it's gonna be fun.

Glitch  38:38  
Does that, That about wraps it up for this week's episode of XP boost. Yeah,

Tox  38:47  
that's all we got. Thanks for listening everybody to our feature on Nintendo Direct and all of our random banter. You know you can find us on those social medias like I said earlier at morning XP on Twitter at boarding xp boost, and most other places. And, you know. Thanks for listening,

Glitch  39:07  
and stuff, and stuff.

Tox  39:09  
We'll see you next week everybody. Take care.

Glitch  39:46  
Have a great, Everything.